Toy – ‘As We Turn’


Toy‘s latest record ‘Join The Dots’ was touted by Rough Trade as “56 minutes of sprawling Kraut pop, late 80’s Creation Records and feedback driven psychosis. It’s darker, urgent and relentless. Another masterpiece.” The psych rockers have made a big footprint on British rock since forming in 2010. And today Nylon Mag premiered their latest video ‘As We Turn’. It’s predictably trippy (60s style) but nonetheless great! ‘Join The Dots’ is out now via Heavenly Recordings.

Toy – ‘As We Turn’

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Towns – ‘Marbles’


Howling Owl Records will deliver Town‘s debut full length ‘Get By’ on June 2 (pre-order). The Bristol foursome have unveiled the psych rocking second single ‘Marbles’ just to get you in the mood! It was several years ago we first laid ears on Towns, namely the shoegazey ‘Mirror Ghost‘ from their ‘Sleepwalking’ EP. However their latest is a far more energized offering, with colourful vocal hooks to grab hold of. Brits can catch Towns live on tour next month (see dates).

Towns – ‘Marbles’

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The Vacant Lots – ‘Mad Mary Jones’

the vacant lots-profile-2

Psych duo The Vacant Lots have delivered the rollicking single ‘Mad Mary Jones’ and there’s a seizure inducing video to match! Well, not literally – check out the video below! Their rocking ways first got our attention last year with their spot on the ‘Psych For Sore Eyes‘ compilation. The Vacant Lots will release their debut album ‘Departure’ through Sonic Cathedral (June 30 – UK/EU & July 1 USA). The record was mixed and mastered by Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3 fame).

The Vacant Lots – ‘Mad Mary Jones’

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Thee Oh Sees – ‘Drop’

The Oh Sees

This time last year fans of Thee Oh Sees were salivating over the release of their dark n’ fuzzy LP ‘Floating Coffin’. John Dwyer’s psych rockers were critically praised, with instant love for the lead songs ‘Minotaur’ and ‘Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster’. Less than twelve months on, we have another nine tracks to pour over and review. Dwyer’s own label Castle Face will deliver the new album ‘Drop’ on April 19 (Record Store Day). The initial announcement was a surprise to many given that the band announced a hiatus last December after relocating from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Plus Dwyer’s solo project (Damaged Bug) released a new record in February. After more than fifteen years in the game, Thee Oh Sees aren’t afraid of hard work.

Album opener ‘Penetrating Eye’ is a raucous party starter with over the top rock riffage and a playful vocal delivery of doomsayer lyrics. That sets the tone for ‘Drop’, it’s maniac rock and it’s so much fun. ‘Encrypted Bounce’ kicks off with a danceable bassline, that’s interrupted by disjointed guitars and a crescendo that leads to, more disjointed guitars. Song writing like this doesn’t usually work but the Thee Oh Sees pull it off. The odd song structures are generally punctuated by instrumental breaks with some really trippy guitar work (‘Savage Victory’). While ‘Put Some Reverb On My Brother’ delves deep into the psychedelic 60s, like a lost hippy commune theme song.

The title track ‘Drop’ is not only a stand out but works as a summary, squashing all of the ideas and mixed up rock madness of the album into less than three minutes. Take a look at the recent video below (as premiered by Spin).  The tail end of the album is a little less vivid, ‘Kings Noise’ almost pushes the quirkiness too far with its off timed, stops and starts. But the bold and progressive ‘Transparent World’ quickly lures you back with its minimal vocals and free flowing fuzz! Closing track ‘The Lens’ is the most subdued song and rounds out a memorable record. Guitarists are going to love it, so are existing fans. ‘Drop’ is colourful, inventive and lots of fun. Is it worth picking up on Record Store Day? Yup.

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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – ‘Sealed Scene’

lorelle meets the obsolete-woods

After six weeks touring Europe, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete take their live show to the UK this week (see dates) on the back of their record ‘Chambers‘ (out now via Sonic Cathedral). The Mexican psych duo have also released their latest single ‘Sealed Scene’ with much praise from NME, BBC 6 Music, Drowned In Sound and Q. The 405 recently premiered the video which you can check out below…

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – ‘Sealed Scene’

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Dead Horse One – ‘Without Love We Perish’

dead horse one-logo

Electrophone have previewed Dead Horse One‘s debut album ‘Without Love We Perish’ (out April 14 via A Quick One Records). The French quintet formed in 2011 and released their first EP ‘Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines‘ the following year. Inspired by Ride, The Telescopes and Swervedriver, it’s fitting that Ride‘s Mark Gardener jumped on board to produce the record. Lead single ‘I Love My Man’ is an example of the rock n’ roll swagger you should expect. It’s predominantly a psych rock experience, combined with loveable slacker rock balladry. I had a chance to preview early cuts of the album many months ago, it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into putting this record together and it’s paid off. For fans of The Black Angels, Sleepy Sun and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Dead Horse One – ‘Without Love We Perish’ [Stream]

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