Foxes In Fiction – ‘Shadow’s Song’

foxes in fiction-ontario gothic-artwork

Amazing new tune ‘Shadow’s Song’ from Foxes In Fiction, taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Ontario Gothic’ (out September 23 via Orchid Tapes). The seven track collection features guests including Rachel Levy, Caroline White, Sam Ray, Ansel Cohen, Beau Sorensen and Owen Pallett. Foxes In Fiction is the work of Canadian native Warren Hildebrand. ‘Ontario Gothic’ details Warren’s experiences following the passing of his younger brother. Bound to be a heavy record but on the strength of ‘Shadow’s Song’ it’s going to be a special one (pre-sale).

Foxes In Fiction – ‘Shadow’s Song’

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The Bilinda Butchers – ‘Edo Method’

the bilinda butchers - heaven

The Bilinda Butchers are back! The San Francisco shoegazers posted ‘Edo Method’ today and announced that their debut album ‘Heaven’ will be out July 15 through Orchid Tapes (Vinyl) / Fastcut Records (CD). Not only that, the trio have enlisted a bunch of guest artists including Juri Nakashima, Sarah P, Lamp & Harriet Brown. ‘Edo Method’ is a masterful mix of noise, dream and twee pop. It’s been a long wait, The Bilinda Butchers released their last single ‘Lovers’ Suicide‘ more than a year ago, preceded by the EPs ‘Goodbyes‘ and ‘Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams‘. The new album is a concept piece, built around a twisted Japanese love story set in the 19th century, haven’t gotten my head around it yet. Drama, heartbreak, death. Perhaps not in that order. Either way, it hasn’t been an easy task, readers of their blog would know it almost got thrown out – thankfully not. Grab a pre-order from Orchid Records to snap up a fancy vinyl copy.

The Bilinda Butchers – ‘Edo Method’

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Home Alone – ‘There’s A Light Coming Through’


‘There’s A Light Coming Through’, the new album from Toronto’s Thomas Mazurkiewicz aka Home Alone hits hard drives (and cassette players) this week via Beko and Orchid Tapes. Album opener ‘Interstates And Stuff’ gives you an indication of the desperately intimate nature of Tom’s work. At times it’s almost claustrophobic, due to the ultra close, hushed vocals. His lo-fi dream pop gets a work out on the album, from the sparse ‘Drive All Night’ to the electronic meets shoegaze of ‘Blunts’. It’s unashamedly morose, so if you’re in need of some company – stream the rest right here.

Home Alone – ‘Interstates And Stuff’

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