Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Shook’ EP


Brooklyn shoegaze act Vivienne Eastwood have delivered their impressive new EP featuring the lead single ‘Messy’. The four piece have also posted a new video for the opener ‘Snooze’ (which you can check out below). The ‘Shook‘ EP is a nostalgia driven collection of songs; from lo-fi indie pop (‘Maybelline’), spacious dream pop (‘Sea Salt’) to overdriven shoegazers (‘Messy’). The combination of feels gives the mini album plenty of touch points, their first since 2012’s ‘Vanity’ EP. It’s a great listen, ‘Snooze’ and ‘Messy’ are musts.

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Shook’ [EP Stream]

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Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Messy’


If ‘Messy’ is indicative of Vivienne Eastwood‘s upcoming EP then we’re all in for a treat! It’s a stunning ambient trip from the Brooklyn shoegaze act. A submerged head nod to MBV and the classics; with all the warmth and fuzzy edges you’d expect. It’s the first new music we’ve heard from the quartet since 2012’s ‘Rose Pedals’ (as below), which is equally awesome. The new EP is dropping on October 6, with a release party happening at Night Of Joy (for the New Yorkers).

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Messy’

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Turnip King – ‘Rosy’s On Safari’

turnip king-laika

Rosy’s On Safari‘ is my favourite song of the year… there I said it! I’ve flapped on about Turnip King‘s newie ‘Laika’ enough, but now you can stream the whole thing right here (as released by Fire Talk this month). The New Yorkers go nuts on this track, there’s the overblown chorus (that sounds like two songs playing at once), and the punk driven verse that plays out like Kim Deal and Black Francis at their most entertaining. If you’ve only got time to check out one new album this week, let it be this one.

Turnip King – ‘Rosy’s On Safari’ [‘Laika’ Stream]

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Channeling – ‘Self-titled’

channeling-self titled

Illuminated Paths have released the debut (self-titled) album by Channeling, and it’s a fantastic listen. I don’t often share ambient / experimental / drone, mainly because it’s not my strong suit, but this is just too good to pass up! It’s the work of New York’s Andrew Osterhoudt, who conjures soundscapes that should sit well with lovers of shoegaze or vaporwave. Channeling proves that synthesizers and reverbs make good friends! FFO: How To Disappear Completely, Survive or Boards Of Canada.

Channeling – ‘Self-titled’ [LP Stream]

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Doorbells – ‘Distance’


‘Distance’ is a spacious tune, with warm reverb and fantastic melodies. It’s the work of Brooklyn solo artist Doorbells, who we haven’t featured since the release of his ‘Ambitions‘ EP early last year. ‘Distance’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel from previous efforts, but who cares? It’s a lovely listen (free download here). No word on an official follow-up release as yet.

Doorbells – ‘Distance’

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Turnip King – ‘Metonymy’ / ‘Carsong’

turnip king-laika

Time to put Turnip King on your radar, I’ve been lucky enough to have a listen to their forthcoming debut album and it is brilliant! The lead single ‘Metonymy’ has been floating around for about a year now but the wait is almost over, the ‘Laika’ LP is out August 19 through Fire Talk. The New York four piece recently got picked up by NPR’s All Songs Considered and I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

**UPDATE** The ‘Carsong’ video has just been posted (via NPR) – check that out below!

Turnip King – ‘Metonymy’

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