Miniatures – ‘To The Lake’

miniatures-to the lake

Earlier this month Miniatures posted ‘To The Lake’; another cut from their forthcoming debut album ‘Jessamines’. So far we’ve heard ‘What You Want’ and ‘Honey’, both sound amazing. The Melbourne dream pop / shoegaze act posted the clip in a Facebook post, letting y’all know that there’s been delays in releasing the album due to tough times. As Ché states, “A talented family friend was working away on this [the ‘To The Lake’ video] before the aforementioned life’s mean streak lost her computer and files etc leaving only this unfinished rough cut, it would have been our next single and video. At any rate it deserves to be seen, so please check it out and enjoy! (Not an official single, call it a sneak peak or a “thank you for waiting, please wait just a little more” present).” p.s. any labels interested in physical distribution – hit ’em up!

Miniatures – ‘To The Lake’

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Flyying Colours – ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’

flyying colours-its tomorrow now

Flyying Colours are back with ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’; an amazing band on an amazing label! The Melbourne-based shoegazers have already given us two EPs and are ready to unleash their debut album. ‘Mindfulness’ will be in our hands on September 23 via Club AC30. Since touring with Pinkshinyultrablast, Brian Jonestown Massacre and A Place To Bury Strangers last year, the band has changed up their line-up; adding Andy on drums and Mel on bass. ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’ is a relentless anthem with noise pop appeal and a rock god guitar solo! It’s a more dynamic sound than the ‘ROYGBIV’EP, and loads of fun from the get go.

Flyying Colours – ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’

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VHS Dream – ‘Departure’

vhs dream-departure

Husky Recordings have delivered VHS Dream‘s slow motion stunner ‘Departure‘! The album is loaded with daydream-inducing dream pop, which kicks off with the single ‘AEIOU’. The Melbourne based-duo is Mayzie Wallen and Matthew Hosking. Victorian shoegaze fans should be well acquainted with Matthew’s work already; having produced releases for several Aussie acts including Hideous Towns, Bloodhounds On My Trail, Lowtide, Miniatures, Glaciers and Contrast. It’s no surprise that the mood setting ‘Departure’ sounds fantastic, a cinematic collection of ambient pop. Its well paced with several short interludes that help to break up the downbeat feel. The guy / girl vocals provide needed variety, as they share lead vocal duties from track to track. At times these melodies do get a little pitchy but it suits the woozy feel. It’s been a strong year for dream pop fans, and now VHS Dream have added to the already long list of “must check out” records.

VHS Dream – ‘Departure’ [Album Stream]

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