Lovesliescrushing – ‘Bloweyelashwish’ [Vinyl Kickstarter]


It’s been more than twenty years since Lovesliescrushing tracked the experimental demos that would become ‘Bloweyelashwish’. Now the seminal recording is being re-issued and re-mastered on vinyl for the first time. The limited run is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign, (get involved here)! If you’re new to the band, take a listen to the stream below. The duo formed in ’91 with guitarist Scott Cortez (Astrobrite) and singer Melissa Arpin-Duimstra. ‘Bloweyelashwish’ is a mix of ambient and abstract shoegaze with loads of lo-fi charm. It’s been criticised for placing more emphasis on sounds than songs, but there’s loads of people who are just fine with that! And as it stands, it’s a much loved shoegaze classic. Anyway, the promo video below is waaaay more interesting than this paragraph, so jump in…

Lovesliescrushing – ‘Bloweyelashwish’ [Vinyl Kickstarter]

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‘Beautiful Noise’ [Documentary]

“They didn’t sell a lot of records, but everyone that heard them started a band”…that’s the tag line for ‘Beautiful Noise‘, a music documentary encompassing 80s and 90s guitar bands including Cocteau Twins, The Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. While the docu has already been made, the makers need your help to get it distributed. Since ‘Beautiful Noise’ hit Kickstarter late last week fans have been quick to jump on board and pledge their support but there’s a long way to go to reach target. Sure, its not World Vision, but if you’ve ever been inspired by any of these artists please lend a hand via Kickstarter today.


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Puro Instinct – ‘Stilyagi’

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Puro Instinct may have wrapped their Summer tour with Geneva Jacuzzi but they aren’t done yet. After raising some cash on the kickstarter ‘Escape From L.A’ appeal, Puro Instinct are heading to the Primavera Club in Spain on November 23, no doubt more European dates will follow.

Formerly known as the band Pearl Harbor, the Kaplan sisters (Piper and Skylar) released their debut album ‘Headbangers In Ecstasy’ via Mexican Summer this year. The lead track ‘Stilyagi’ features a thirty second intro which is much like weathering an 8 bit snowstorm before reaching the meat and potatoes of the song. It’s a sullen dream pop tune that has hipster written all over it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. The album on the other hand, may leave you feeling a little unfed with pitchy vocals at times.

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