Magic Love – ‘Growing Organism’


Tokyo shoegazers Magic Love recently released their second EP ‘Dawn‘ featuring ‘Growing Organism’. The trio pay homage to the classics with swooning guitars, hushed vocals and loads of noise. The vocals are a little pitchy but that doesn’t sink the ship (thankyou reverb)! Japanese fans can see Magic Love live at Shinjuku Motion on December 13. Stream/download the rest here.

Magic Love – ‘Growing Organism’

Visit Magic Love online @ Bandcamp.

Hot Glass – ‘Melt’

forever shoegaze-kiiro records

Japanese net label Kiiro Records have delivered their latest freebie, a compilation record called ‘Forever Shoegaze’ featuring Kigo, Christian Samuel, Hot Glass and more! Pick it up at bandcamp and take note of the download mirror *wink*. Thanks Kiiro! Our featured cut comes courtesy of Hot Glass, the solo project of Brighton’s Ryan Balch. The song was originally released on the ‘Melted’ EP earlier this year, also available for free here.

Hot Glass – ‘Melt’

Visit Kiiro Records online @ Bandcamp.

Muso Planet Volume 6

muso planet-6

Muso Planet‘s sixth volume is out today – grab a free copy here! For the uninitiated, Muso Planet is a music webzine based out of Nagoya, Japan. Founder Matthew Bedford is aided by contributors Jairo Manzur (Latinoamerica Shoegaze) and Greg Wilson (DKFM Radio). Each issue is accompanied with a PDF mag and mix tape! This issue there’s tunes from Ummagma, Aero Fall, Sounds Of Sputnik, Luna Ghost, Miners plus an Italian band called… Flying Vaginas! Getting a visual? There’s also a Sounds Better With Reverb interview. *blush*

Aerofall – ‘Off The Beam My Dream’

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Catching Up On Japanese Shoegaze!

japanese shoegaze

Japan has been making lots of noise lately, so it’s time to take a peek at East Asia’s latest shoegaze creations! A number of submissions have come through plus Matthew from Muso Planet Magazine (Nagoya, Japan) has lent a hand with recommendations. Apologies in advance for any titles that are lost in translation. Now let’s get into it…

Cigarette In Your Bed – ‘Let Me Out’

Kicking off in Tokyo with Cigarette In Your Bed! The trio have just delivered their debut full length ‘Darkness’ via High Fader Records (Lemon’s Chair, Sugardrop, Yellow Loveless) after a few independently released EPs. Grab it at iTunes!

The Florist – ‘Middle Of Winter’

Next up is The Florist (you may have heard this pretty shoegazer on DKFM). The quartet includes members with completely different musical pasts (genre wise). Nevertheless, they’ve completed their debut LP ‘Dark Entries’. Grab that at Amazon or hold off til the iTunes release (later this month).

Universe Neko-ko – ‘Lovely Summer’

This is where translation starts to fail! Either way, ‘Lovely Summer’ turned heads after hitting Reddit late last month. Universe Neko-ko is a catchy blend of dream pop and noise that’s available now at Bandcamp.

For Tracy Hyde – ‘First Regrets’

For Tracy Hyde have sent in their latest tune ‘First Regrets’ (free download) taken from the EP ‘In Fear Of Love’ (out through File-Under Records). The young five piece are influenced by the Madchester scene, shoegaze, jangle pop and the like!

Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Uma To Hanataba’

And lastly, a favourite from Kinoko Teikoku! Taken from last year’s ‘Long Goodbye‘ EP. If you like this, take a listen to the recently posted ‘Whirpool‘. Please feel free to add your Japanese recommendations in the comments section. 感謝とお別れ!

More Japanese Shoegaze @ Muso Planet Japan!

Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Whirlpool’

Kinoko Teikoku-Uzuninaru-artwork

Here’s a lovely shoegaze tune from Japan’s Kinoko Teikoku (which translates to English as ‘Mushroom Empire’). ‘Whirlpool’ was originally released on the seven track EP ‘Uzuninaru’ through the UK Project in mid 2012 (also on iTunes). Since forming in 2007, the four piece have delivered a pair of EPs and last year’s impressive album ‘Eureka‘ (full stream).

Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Whirlpool’

Visit Kinoko Teikoku online @ UK Project @ Facebook.

The Churchhill Garden Feat. Hideka – ‘Forever’


The Churchhill Garden (solo artist Andy Jossi) has returned with the new single ‘Forever’ (free download). The Swiss producer teamed up with Japanese singer Hideka for the song, who is known for her work with The Pristines and also for her solo material (which is mostly dream pop or shoegaze related). However ‘Forever’ is a cinematic post rocker, it swells and contracts with multi-layered sounds galore! Paging Alcest fans.

The Churchhill Garden Feat. Hideka – ‘Forever’

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