Collapse – ‘Tokyo / Meadow’ [Delirium Poetry]

Japanese noisemakers Collapse release their second EP ‘Delirium Poetry’ this week (get it thru Disk Union). It follows their 2016 self-titled debut EP and the ‘Curse/Drop‘ single. Check out Collapse’s lead single/video for ‘Meadow’ below, it’s a great listen. Hopefully the full release hits Bandcamp soon. *crosses fingers*

Collapse – ‘Tokyo’ / ‘Meadow’ [taken from the Delirium Poetry EP]

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Plant Cell – ‘Cyan’ EP

Asian noise pop collective Plant Cell have posted their latest EP ‘Cyan‘. The Japanese and Chinese six piece have several releases to their credit, despite only forming in 2015. Plant Cell blend sugary twee rockers with guy/girl vocals and a wall of guitars. Check out the video for the title track below…

Plant Cell – ‘Cyan’ [EP Stream]

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Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Ai no Yukue’ (きのこ帝国 – 愛のゆくえ)


Japan’s Kinoko Teikoku have delivered their new album ‘Ai no Yukue’! This is their fourth album (since forming in 2007), and follows last year’s ‘Neko to Allergy’. The quartet’s latest is a little more pop leaning than their shoegaze beginnings; certainly more so than 2012’s ‘Uzu ni Naru’. Nevertheless, since being released in early November ‘Ai no Yukue’ has been well received. If you’re a fan of whirlwind Japanese shoegazers, you’re probably already onto it! Kinoko Teikoku’s ‘Ai no Yukue’ is available now to stream (Spotify); download (iTunes); or on CD (Amazon Japan).

Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Ai no Yukue’ (きのこ帝国 – 愛のゆくえ) [Spotify Stream]

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Universe Nekoko And Lovely Summer Chan – ‘Divine Hammer’

Universe Nekoko's And Lovely Summer Chan-Divine Hammer

This may be the cutest Japanese shoegaze/twee rock video ever created! Director Anise Mariko (who has previously worked with The Bilinda Butchers) has filmed a new video for Universe Nekoko And Lovely Summer Chan’s ‘Divine Hammer’, it’s taken from their forthcoming album (out August 20 via P-Vine Records). The clip was shot between Brooklyn and Tokyo, and details the adventures of two friends from different sides of the globe. Should brighten your day!

Universe Nekoko And Lovely Summer Chan – ‘Divine Hammer’

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Baby Fire – ‘Water’

baby fire-water

‘Water’ is the eclectic debut single from Baby Fire; self described as 50% Cocteau Twins and 50% Shonen Knife. The Tokyo trio create a unique, dreamy, slacker punk sound that’s difficult to pin down. Hence my terrible description! Keep an ear out for their forthcoming EP. In the meantime, pick up a copy of ‘Water / Indigo’ here.

Baby Fire – ‘Water’

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The Florist – ‘Blood Music’

the florist-blood music

The Florist‘s new long player ‘Blood Music’ is out now featuring the lead singles ‘Disintegration’ and ‘Marigold’. The Tokyo-based shoegaze outfit aren’t afraid to push their vocal melodies to the front of the mix, serving up an accessible collection of eleven songs. It’s not all full tilt rock action, as the opener ‘Disintegration’ demonstrates. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed the ‘Dark Entries’ LP or their ‘Middle Of Winter’ EP from 2013. ‘Blood Music’ is available now via iTunes (worldwide) and CDJapan.

The Florist – ‘Blood Music’

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