Jaguwar – ‘Ringthing’

J A G U W A R unleash their surprising new record ‘Ringthing‘ this week via Tapete / Norman Records (UK) / Forced Exposure (USA). The German shoegazers are known for their abrasive noise rock and crushing approach. However, this time round the trio switches up their sound with a noise-pop approach. Right from the opener (‘Lunatic’) it’s clear that Jaguwar are taking a new direction with ‘Ringthing’. It’s a more accessible offering than previous efforts; with hooky vocal lines and upbeat, positive melodies. If you’re after a shot of fresh noise pop for the new year then ‘Ringthing’ is here for you! Stream select cuts and take a look at the lead tune ‘Crystal’ below…

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Jaguwar – ‘Iwo Jima Island’


On April 1 Prospect Records will deliver the second offering from Jaguwar, aptly titled ‘II’! The German shoegaze outfit has posted the first public song ‘Iwo Jima Island’, a raucous noise rocker that borders industrial. The Dresden-based trio doesn’t pull any punches!

Jaguwar – ‘Iwo Jima Island’

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‘Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival’ Out Now


In case you missed it, the epic new compilation ‘Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival’ is available now at a “pay what you want” price via Bandcamp! The thirty track collection is brought to you by Ear To Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif, and curated by Shauna McLarnon (of Ummagma) and Marc Joy (of Lights That Change). The international effort has been praised by Creation Records Co-Founder Joe Foster, along with members of The Telescopes, Swervedriver and Slowdive. Take a listen to the monster compilation track ‘Muffhead’ from German shoegazers Jaguwar.

Jaguwar – ‘Muffhead’

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Jaguwar – ‘I’ EP


German shoegaze outfit Jaguwar have teamed up with Pinmusik (Pretty In Noise Netlabel) to officially release their debut EP ‘I’ today (download). The Dresden-based trio formed in 2012 and first got our attention with an early demo of ‘Muffhead’. Since then they’ve released a finished video (below), self-released the EP and replaced their drummer. It’s hard to keep up! Plus they’ve played shows with the likes of Tamaryn, Yuck, Japandroids and The Megaphonic Thrift. Needless to say, ‘I’ is a sonic feast, full of break neck guitars, relentless drumming and soaring choruses. Jaguwar have come out firing and this is just the beginning!

Jaguwar – ‘I’ EP

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Jaguwar – ‘Muffhead’ (Demo)


Jaguwar’s demo take of ‘Muffhead’ is a shoegaze monster! Can’t wait to hear what the final version will sound like. The Dresden-based trio came to my attention while visiting When The Sun Hits earlier in the week. If you’re not aware of this website / blog / radio show – get into it! On another note, earlier in the year its co-founder Danny Lackey sadly lost his battle with cancer. A fund for Danny’s family was setup (Bandcamp/Facebook), if you’re in a position to help out, please do. A host of amazing acts have jumped in to support – including Panda Riot, The High Violets, Drowner, SPC ECO, Ummagma and many more.

Jaguwar – ‘Muffhead (Demo)’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Jaguwar-Muffhead-Demo.mp3]

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