Sigur Ros – ‘Ekki Múkk’

Sigur Ros will release their sixth record ‘Valtari’ on May 25 featuring the album cut ‘Ekki Múkk’. The first single is still on its way, consider this a tease! Since the release of ‘Inni’ last year, fans have been expecting the news. But its even sweeter given that the Icelandic post-rock vets have returned to their abstract roots. Since the release of ‘Takk’ in 2005, Sigur Ros have steadily distanced themselves from their apocalyptic beginnings. ‘Valtari’ (or ‘Steamroller’) is tipped to be a return to their early noughties best.

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Sigur Ros – 'Festival (Live from Inni)'

It’s been more than three years since Iceland’s Sigur Ros released their last studio album, ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust’ (good luck pronouncing that!) So it’s only fitting (and financially savvy) to make a comeback that reminds fans of their back catalogue.

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The live concert film and album ‘Inni‘ aims to do just that when it’s released on November 7 ( North America on November 8). The footage was shot at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2008 before their hiatus. But it won’t be all Sigur Ros classics, an unreleased tune called ‘Lúppulagid’ will be unveiled (albeit as part of the credits).

‘Inni’ will be released as a special edition to give fans a very slick Sigur Ros package complete with an “artefact from the show itself”. Initially I was confused as to what an ‘artefact’ could mean… concert aftermath isn’t usually pretty. But this week Sigur Ros confirmed that the artefact is actually a piece of a band member’s clothing that has “been painstakingly pressed (but not washed) and then cut into neat squares which have then been put into individually numbered envelopes.”

The cynic in me thinks its a shame that a band with such musical depth and world renown would enter shallow marketing waters to sell a special edition. Do we really covet cloth touched by rock gods!? But then, the realist pops out and I figure… if it takes these lengths to sell physical copies these days then so be it.

Having said that, if you’re reading this, then you were probably going to slap down the $79 regardless! So will I. If ‘Inni’ gets close to the experience of Sigur Ros’ 2007 film ‘Heima’ it will be an achievement. In the least ‘Inni’ will immortalize the magic of Sigur Ros’ live shows.

Free download of Sigur Ros‘ ‘Festival (Live)’ here or ‘Ný batterí (Live)’ here. Pre-order Sigur Ros‘ ‘Inni’ from the offical site here.