Heavenly Beat – ‘Honest’


Heavenly Beat unveils the second single ‘Honest‘ from the forthcoming album ‘Prominence’ (out October 15 through Captured Tracks). The work of John Peña (former Beach Fossils bassist) is easily digestible with light n’ poppy hooks. There’s a whole heap of sounds poking through, is that steel drums too?

Heavenly Beat – ‘Honest’

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We Are The Brave – ‘All Good Things Must Come To An End’

Fresh synth pop from Sydney’s We Are The Brave. The duo are influenced by “80s pop classics, 90s sci-fi, vintage synths and Aussie rock, looking to artists such as David Bowie, Kate Bush, Talking Heads and The Fixx” for inspiration. An EP is currently in the works, in the meantime check out Jess Chalker’s impressive vocal chords on ‘All Good Things Must Come To An End’.

We Are The Brave – ‘All Good Things Must Come To An End’

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Oliver Wilde – 'Curve (Good Grief)'

Bristol recording artist Oliver Wilde releases his debut LP ‘A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears’ through Howling Owl Records later this year. Take a listen to the lo-fi indie popper ‘Curve (Good Grief)’ below, inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, R. Stevie Moore and Mark Linkous.

Oliver Wilde – ‘Curve (Good Grief)’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Oliver-Wilde-Curve-Good-Grief.mp3]

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Angelica's Elegy – 'Fuse And A Spark'

Fresh tunes from Angelica’s Elegy, a Norwegian quartet with spaced -out pop on offer! ‘Fuse And A Spark’ is the first single from their debut LP ‘Gold Celeste’, coming soon through Riot Factory’s Sad Songs For Happy People. Recorded late 2012 by the band and mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Sigur Ros, David Lynch).

Angelica’s Elegy – ‘Fuse And A Spark’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Angelicas-Elegy-Fuse-And-A-Spark.mp3]

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High Highs – 'In A Dream'

The harmonic melodies of indie duo High Highs have been ruminating for several years in Brooklyn, but now the Sydney natives have delivered. High Highs debut album ‘Open Season’ is released this week (Jan 29 US) through Fine Time Records (OZ) and online (UK/USA) featuring the single ‘In A Dream’. Click here for tour dates.

High Highs – ‘In A Dream’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/High-Highs-In-A-Dream.mp3]

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Hints – 'Ritual'

The bassline on ‘Ritual’ is the kind that made The Smiths easily danceable, it bounces all over the verse leaving the spacious guitars to stretch out in the peripheral. Influenced by Orange Juice, The Church, and Echo & the Bunnymen, Brooklyn band Hints are on the cusp of delivering their debut EP. ‘Ritual’ opens their first single release ‘Vol. 1‘, available as a free download from Bandcamp.


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