Lilys – ‘High Writer At Home’


To celebrate the 21st anniversary of their classic 1994 album ‘Eccsame The Photon Band‘, Lilys have re-issued the LP, played some reunion shows, and posted a new video for ‘High Writer At Home’! There’s a whole lot of people feeling very old right now! *myself included* Lilys second record is considered a classic amongst shoegaze lovers, it’s abstract, moody and gets under your skin. The Washington veterans are led by Kurt Heasley, with an ever-changing line-up of more than seventy past members, but who’s counting!? The video (directed by Stephen “ESPO” Powers and Joey Garfield) has footage from the ‘A Love Letter For You’ doco. Grab the vinyl here or here.

Lilys – ‘High Writer At Home’ [Video]

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