La Casa Al Mare – ‘Sunflowers’ [Video]

La casa al mare-sunflowers-album-cover-art1

The two months wait since La Casa Al Mare‘s debut may seem like a sneeze in the midst of our current ‘shoegaze revival’ and the return of long-slumbering genre pioneers to studios and stages. Graciously, the Italian wunderkinder have delivered another single, ‘Sunflowers,’ a densely-textured noise escape to sate our ear. It’s paired with the contrasting ‘Dagger’-esque ringing, swelling sweetness of ‘Tonight or never,’ and a video that takes the literal approach to kaleidoscopic visuals. [By Dave Lytton]

La Casa Al Mare – ‘Sunflowers’

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The Foreign Resort – ‘Flushed’

The Foreign Resort -Flushed - artwork

The darkly polished energy of The Foreign Resort now has an appropriately emotionally provocative music video (that takes us to the edge of ‘sfw’) for their anthemic hit ‘Flushed’. Denmark’s post-punk new wave act The Foreign Resort will soon return to the states for a coast-to-coast visit (details below). How whips and leather will play into their US tour is yet to be seen, but fans will expect to be swept along with some of the most effective new wave this side of the oughts.

In addition to launching a fresh tour, The Foreign Resort frontman Mikkel B. Jakobsen will join DKFM to debut a monthly show based around on-the-road interviews of bands that The Foreign Resort tour with, a list which includes heavyweights Swervedriver and fellow Danes The Raveonettes . Premieres 24-9-14 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm GMT / Noon PDT, with a repeat Sunday night following New Tracks Weekend. [By Dave Lytton]

The Foreign Resort – ‘Flushed’

Tour dates:

10/9 Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
10/10 Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA
10/11 Solstice Skyline, Pasadena, CA (private showcase)
10/12 The Ken Club, San Diego, CA
10/14 Kelly’s Olympian, Portland, OR
10/15 High Dive, Seattle, WA
10/16 Crazy Horse, Boise, ID
10/17 Muse Music, Provo, UT
10/18 Skyline Park, Denver, CO
10/23 In-Studio Session, Brooklyn, NY
10/24 Spike Hill, Brooklyn, NY (CMJ Music Marathon)
10/25 Lilypad, Cambridge, MA

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Bleak House – ‘Sown’


Perhaps you’re familiar with West Sussex’s muddy shoegazers Bleak House from their dreamy two-track debut ‘Walton Cobbles/ Suki Flood‘ of a few months back. Since then, the band signed with Print Records (defunct), transformed a space in a local industrial estate into a DIY studio fittingly called (wait for it…) ‘Bleak Warehouse‘, and have been finger-bleedingly busy on material for their upcoming debut EP! If blood stained guitars aren’t promise enough of good things to come, take a listen to the latest Bleak House single ‘Sown.’ Their hushed, fuzz-glazed melodies are as lovely as ever with the introduction of Yasmyn Charles for dual vocals. [Yasmyn also covers synth and tambourine duty]. Dan Weller of Bleak House tells us to “expect to hear more of our varied influences on the EP, our pysch side will be shown a bit more, but still heavily shoegaze/dreampop-influenced.” [By Dave Lytton]

Bleak House – ‘Sown’

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Unwound – ‘Reykjavik, Iceland (6/30/1999)’


Seasoned noise-rock fans should be well familiar with the inventive, dissonant, decade-long career of Washington’s influential Unwound. For neophytes and die-hard completists alike, Numero Group has scrounged together the band’s complete efforts, from re-mastered studio releases to unreleased “material tracked live in a local basement,” for an unrivaled 4-part reissue! The latest release will cover Unwound’s “defining fourth and fifth albums The Future of What and Repetition” on vinyl and digital and rounds out the set with an exclusive LP offer of the live recording ‘6/30/1999: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND,’ which features Unwound “revisit(ing) a few marquee highlights, stretching them out into droney sonatas drenched in feedback” and makes for a great introduction to the acclaimed 90’s trio (stream more). [By Dave Lytton]

Unwound – ‘Reykjavik, Iceland (6/30/1999)’

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The Death Of Pop – ‘Fifths’

the death of pop-fifths-artwork

This week The Death of Pop release their jangly five track collection ‘Fifths’ on the heels of the lead singles ‘Whenever‘ and ‘Mirage‘ (which are bound to wear out some grooves). The London team (three brothers and two cousins) make music that has a lush, textured quality. Building gazey walls of summery, brightly compressed guitars and dreamy, echoing vocals – a family of psych-loving songwriters!

The opening half highlights the best of the band – booming and brilliant, with layers of jangling guitars dancing between infectiously twangy bridges. The vocals are clear and lovely throughout the tracks, somehow distinctly English, at times reminding me of The Stone Roses given a heavy ‘chorus’ treatment. The tracks are tight and fresh, bound to hook listeners in by the time ‘Mirage’ hits. It melts energetically into a droning psychedelic sea that breaks with the delightfully bare acoustic opening of the lovable ‘Key of Three.’ It’s a sweet change of pace that hints at the groups vocal and tune writing talents.

There’s a bit of a timeless quality to The Death of Pop’s fabulous new EP. There’s also a disparate nature to the collection, as if the band set out in a jangle time-machine. The jumpy transition during ‘Key of Three’, for example, is jarring enough to make one speculate which of the brothers (or was it a cousin?) switched reels while making the master. It’s fun, as is the chill, synth-laden closer ‘Circles’ but it’ll throw some listeners for a loop. It’s imaginative and daring, if uneven. There’s a lot to love in each song, and when Death of Pop hits their stride, they make waves. [By Dave Lytton]

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Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – ‘Live In Mexico City’

lorelle meets the obsolete-tour ep

Hard times over at Captcha Records – “After a massive leak in the Captcha HQ last summer we were left with tons of damage and zero insurance coverage (due to **** policy).” The silver lining for supporters is that the Captcha crew are making lemonade out of lemons by offering a super limited stock of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete ‘Live In Mexico City‘ on vinyl for a steal (they aren’t even soggy!). Not only is it a second chance at the previously sold-out recording by a couple of our favorite psych rockers, it comes with the warm and fuzzies of seeing Captcha through a spot of bad luck.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – ‘Live In Mexico City’

For a perfectly timed bonus care of Live Eye Tv, check out this video of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete tearing it down with help from Disappearing People‘s Scott Travis Johnston and Landon Bates on their recently-wrapped global tour! And for fans, LMTO also have new second pressings of ‘Corruptible Faces’ and ‘On Welfare’ at Bandcamp. [By Dave Lytton]

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