Alpha Male – ‘Mono Focus’ [VIDEO]


Alpha Male have just posted their impressive new tune ‘Mono Focus’. The Danish noise-gazers dish up a crushing reverb rocker with a stadium-ready chorus. The trio has supported Cheatahs and Spectres this year, and have more new music on way. In the meantime, check out the lo-fi new video…

Alpha Male – ‘Mono Focus’ [VIDEO]

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Telstar Sound Drone – ‘Dark Kashmir’


Apocalyptic noise, psych and drone converge on ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’ – the new record by Telstar Sound Drone (out March 18 via Bad Afro). ‘Dark Kashmir’ is the latest public track, a trippy and progressive song that gathers barbs as it burns toward the six-minute mark, it follows the equally explosive ‘Drugs Help’.

Telstar Sound Drone – ‘Dark Kashmir’

Telstar Sound Drone – ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’ [*UPDATED ALBUM STREAM*]

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Telstar Sound Drone – ‘Drugs Help’

telstar sound drone-drugs help

Phroaar! Telstar Sound Drone have cooked up the monster ‘Drugs Help’ taken from their upcoming record ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’ (out March 18 via Bad Afro). Something tells me that the ‘Drugs Help’ single might be a clue as to what those “magical solutions” might be! The Copenhagen psych rockers teamed up with producer Anders Onsberg (of Baby Woodrose / Spids Nøgenhat) for the recording; packed with feedback, experimental drone and dripping with atmosphere!

Telstar Sound Drone – ‘Drugs Help’

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Deadpan Interference – ‘I Like the Taste (of Ugly Women)’


Deadpan Interference have delivered a stormy rock monolith by way of their debut EP (out now via Drone Recordings)! This is something for psych and shoegaze fans, as you’ll see from the tune ‘I Like the Taste (of Ugly Women)’. The foursome have only been at it since 2013, grabbing the attention of fans from the underground Danish scene. Understandably so, it’s an accomplished debut!

Deadpan Interference – ‘I Like the Taste (of Ugly Women)’

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Communions – ‘So Long Sun’


‘So Long Sun’ sounds like a lost classic, with a chorus fit for the Summer festival circuit. The Copenhagen foursome are releasing this track together with the b-side ‘Love Stands Still’ on Tough Love Records from November 10 (pre-sale). Communions have booked in their first London show on the same day, catch them at Sebright Arms. Love it.

Communions – ‘So Long Sun’

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The Foreign Resort – ‘Flushed’

The Foreign Resort -Flushed - artwork

The darkly polished energy of The Foreign Resort now has an appropriately emotionally provocative music video (that takes us to the edge of ‘sfw’) for their anthemic hit ‘Flushed’. Denmark’s post-punk new wave act The Foreign Resort will soon return to the states for a coast-to-coast visit (details below). How whips and leather will play into their US tour is yet to be seen, but fans will expect to be swept along with some of the most effective new wave this side of the oughts.

In addition to launching a fresh tour, The Foreign Resort frontman Mikkel B. Jakobsen will join DKFM to debut a monthly show based around on-the-road interviews of bands that The Foreign Resort tour with, a list which includes heavyweights Swervedriver and fellow Danes The Raveonettes . Premieres 24-9-14 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm GMT / Noon PDT, with a repeat Sunday night following New Tracks Weekend. [By Dave Lytton]

The Foreign Resort – ‘Flushed’

Tour dates:

10/9 Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
10/10 Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA
10/11 Solstice Skyline, Pasadena, CA (private showcase)
10/12 The Ken Club, San Diego, CA
10/14 Kelly’s Olympian, Portland, OR
10/15 High Dive, Seattle, WA
10/16 Crazy Horse, Boise, ID
10/17 Muse Music, Provo, UT
10/18 Skyline Park, Denver, CO
10/23 In-Studio Session, Brooklyn, NY
10/24 Spike Hill, Brooklyn, NY (CMJ Music Marathon)
10/25 Lilypad, Cambridge, MA

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