Joensuu 1685 – ‘Joensuu 1685’


Joensuu 1685 (pronounced Yo-Anne-Sioux Sixteen-Eighty-Five) have been spinning in my house over the past few weeks. You may remember their 2008 self-titled debut; an elaborate mix of noise rock, psych and experimental feedback. The band is three Finnish twenty somethings; Mikko Joensuu, Markus Joensuu and Risto Joensuu. Together they teamed up with Medicine’s Brad Laner to release a 10 inch split but are currently on hiatus. Hit up BB Island for the vinyl.

Joensuu 1685 – ‘Joensuu 1685’

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Human Colonies – ‘Breather’ (Chapterhouse Cover)


Rock vets Chapterhouse have been given a royal tribute thanks to Brazil’s hardworking The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records! ‘Treasures – A Tribute To Chapterhouse’ features fifteen international acts covering their classics. The compilation is available now and features Follow The Sea, Blush Response, Crimsonettes, Love In Athens and more. Here’s a taste…

Human Colonies – ‘Breather’ (Chapterhouse Cover)

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The Enters – ‘Language Of Flowers’

the language of flowers-pale saints-tribute

British rock legends Pale Saints have been given an impressive tribute thanks to The Blog That Celebrates Itself. A 17-track compilation of Pale Saints covers has been released called ‘Language Of Flowers‘. It features a collection of contemporary dream pop and shoegaze acts including The Foreign Resort, Angel Falls, VHS Dream, Eyes Behind The Veil and DIV I DED. London’s The Enters have covered the title track, which is a precursor to their new EP (expected in April). Side note, if you’ve never heard Pale Saints 1990 record ‘The Comforts Of Madness‘ – you’re missing out!

The Enters – ‘Language Of Flowers’

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Lilys – ‘High Writer At Home’


To celebrate the 21st anniversary of their classic 1994 album ‘Eccsame The Photon Band‘, Lilys have re-issued the LP, played some reunion shows, and posted a new video for ‘High Writer At Home’! There’s a whole lot of people feeling very old right now! *myself included* Lilys second record is considered a classic amongst shoegaze lovers, it’s abstract, moody and gets under your skin. The Washington veterans are led by Kurt Heasley, with an ever-changing line-up of more than seventy past members, but who’s counting!? The video (directed by Stephen “ESPO” Powers and Joey Garfield) has footage from the ‘A Love Letter For You’ doco. Grab the vinyl here or here.

Lilys – ‘High Writer At Home’ [Video]

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Lovesliescrushing – ‘Bloweyelashwish’ [Vinyl Kickstarter]


It’s been more than twenty years since Lovesliescrushing tracked the experimental demos that would become ‘Bloweyelashwish’. Now the seminal recording is being re-issued and re-mastered on vinyl for the first time. The limited run is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign, (get involved here)! If you’re new to the band, take a listen to the stream below. The duo formed in ’91 with guitarist Scott Cortez (Astrobrite) and singer Melissa Arpin-Duimstra. ‘Bloweyelashwish’ is a mix of ambient and abstract shoegaze with loads of lo-fi charm. It’s been criticised for placing more emphasis on sounds than songs, but there’s loads of people who are just fine with that! And as it stands, it’s a much loved shoegaze classic. Anyway, the promo video below is waaaay more interesting than this paragraph, so jump in…

Lovesliescrushing – ‘Bloweyelashwish’ [Vinyl Kickstarter]

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Swirlies Announce Tour, 7inch & Re-issue!


Swirlies are hitting the road next month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their ’93 album ‘Blondertongue Audiobaton’! Taang Records is re-issuing the album on vinyl this summer, which is largely considered to be one of the most kick ass records of the early shoegaze era. Plus the Massachusetts vets have announced a limited edition 7inch called ‘Magic Strop: Orca Vs. Dragon’ which contains three live radio sessions (stream below). This will be available via their own label, Sneaky Flute Empire prior to the tour.


7.01 Hudson, NY @ The Half Moon
7.02 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
7.03 Allston, MA @ Great Scott
7/04 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
7.05 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
7.06 Washington, DC @Black Cat
7.07 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
7.08 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
7.09 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
7.10 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
7.11 Indianapolis, IN @ Joyful Noise Recordings
7.12 Chicago, IL @ West Fest
7.13 Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
7.14 Toronto, ON @ Drake Hotel
7.15 Montreal, QC @ Bar Le “Ritz” P.D.B.

Swirlies – ‘Magic Strop: Orca Vs. Dragon’ [Live Radio Sessions]

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