Disappears – ‘Halcyon Days’


I’ve got no idea what Disappears are up to on ‘Halcyon Days’ but I’m liking it! The Chicago-based outfit have transitioned across many genres and are now exploring new horizons. The experiment is ‘Irreal’, their fifth full length (out this week via Kranky). The eight track release was recorded at Electrical Audio by producer John Congleton (The Black Angels, Explosions In The Sky and Land Of Talk (geez I miss that band). Take a trip into the ‘Halcyon Days’ kaleidoscope below…

Disappears – ‘Halcyon Days’ [Video]

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Sister Crystals – ‘Obsidian’


Feeltrip Records have posted a fresh tune from Chicago dream pop outfit Sister Crystals! The duo (Colin Croom and Lauren Whitacre) delivered their debut LP last year and went on to play shows with Blackstone Rngrs, Savage Sister, Scott Cortez and more. ‘Obsidian’ has a jaunty psych pop feel with a 60s sheen – great sound! Looking forward to hearing what Sister Crystals deliver in 2015. Take a listen to the rest of Feeltrip’s roster on their Fall playlist.

Sister Crystals – ‘Obsidian’

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Vehicle Blues – ‘Koz Park’


Bridgetown Records has announced the ‘Fall Batch’, with three new tapes and a special re-issue of ‘Koz Park’ by Vehicle Blues (shop). The beautiful artwork is a bonus! This raw slice of bedroom shoegaze was originally released a few years back but has since sold out. It’s the solo project of Chicago’s Gabe Holcombe, check out more of his tunes here.

Vehicle Blues – ‘Koz Park’

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Lightfoils – ‘Hierarchy’


Lightfoils first full length ‘Hierarchy’ arrives this week via Saint Marie (vinyl / digital) and wow what an album! The Chicago-based five piece have taken the time to get it right (since the release of their 2012 debut EP). This is a much more expansive outfit, that was clear from the lead single ‘Diastolic‘.

‘Hierarchy’ shines the spotlight on Jane Zabeth’s vocals which cover a lot of melodic ground. It’s not a straight up shoegaze record but guitarists Neil and Zeeshan create the kind of textural backdrop you’d normally associate with the genre. It’s inventive work, especially on the stand outs ‘Addict’ and ‘Mock Sun’. Together they’ve crafted a mature album, intricate but not over polished. It sits somewhere in dream pop land and should appeal to indie pop/rock lovers in general.

‘Passage’ is a slow motion rocker with lovely warm reverb, the opening is a little reminiscent of The Smiths ‘How Soon Is Now’. It arrives at a point in the album where something different is needed and Lightfoils don’t drop the ball. ‘Track 7 (no title)’ opens with angelic sounds that blend into drone, a perfect interlude for the later half of the LP. ‘Alovetodestroy’ kicks the energy level right back up before rounding out with ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Track 10 (no title)’. It’s a great mix of energy levels and breaks for air, an album in the traditional sense. If you’re a fan of big swooning vocals and guitar haze then ‘Hierarchy’ is a no-brainer, one of the better dream pop/shoegaze records of the year so far.
Lightfoils – ‘Hierarchy’

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Lightfoils - 'Hierarchy'
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Francesca Fiore – ‘Tanglemouth’

Francesca Fiore-Tanglemouth

Michael Tenzer and Caitlin Klask (of Savage Sister – pictured) have started a new side project under the moniker Francesca Fiore. They’ve traded their synthesizers for big guitars! The Chicago duo have delivered it via their own cassette label Wild Patterns. Download the debut tune ‘Tanglemouth’ for free at Soundcloud.

Francesca Fiore – ‘Tanglemouth’

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