Notme – ‘Mask’

Notme‘s second EP ‘Mask‘ is worth a listen. The project started from the lo-fi creations of Winnipeg’s Isiah Schellenberg before growing into a fully fledged four piece. Their 90s influences shine through on the five track collection, which covers a range of sonic territory. The Sonic Youth-sounding ‘Moth’ is one of my faves. As Isiah puts it, the band “is flipping the downside up and putting the sparkle in your tears. Equally washed out and jangled – will you weep or will you sway?”

Notme – ‘Mask’ [EP Stream]

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Indoor Voices – ‘Always The Same’

Here’s a peaceful way to kick off 2018, some uber-chilled ambient dream pop from Indoor Voices! It’s only a demo, but it is Indoor Voices (a long-term fave). The Canadian recording project is helmed by Jonathan Relph, who always delivers something surreal and special. The repeating synth arpeggio in ‘Always The Same’ is a nice contrast to the washed out sounds of the track. It’s is a hypnotic listen in which I quietly contemplated lowering my expectations for the new year *grin*. Meanwhile, I’m hoping Indoor Voices returns with a new album before long.

Indoor Voices – ‘Always The Same’

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You’ll Never Get To Heaven – ‘Images’

Canada’s You’ll Never Get To Heaven served up their third album ‘Images‘ on Yellow K earlier this year. It turned out to be one of the most compelling ambient/dream pop releases of 2017. The duo is Alice Hansen (singer and classically trained pianist/violinist), together with Chuck Blazevic (producer and monome master). Together they crafted 2012’s self-titled debut and the follow-up ‘Adorn’ in 2014. Their latest is a little less abstract, with ghostly compositions showered in reverb and hypnotic vocals. ‘Images’ has several interludes and surprises wedged between more pop-centric creations (such as the title track and ‘Beyond The Clouds’). The latter is a simple but brilliant tune, that sounds a little like something The Cure might’ve done in their early days. ‘Images’ is unrepentantly chill, which may turn off some listeners. However, ambient fans can go in knowing what to expect, because if you’re in the right mood then ‘Images’ is a meditative marvel. Stream in full below…

You’ll Never Get To Heaven – ‘Images’ [Stream]

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The Pink Elephants Feat. Nikki Lee – ‘Cloud Symbols’


The Pink Elephants and singer Nikki Lee have crafted the droney shoegazer ‘Cloud Symbols’; a cut from their new album ‘Temples In The Sky‘. The psych/shoegaze band is lead by Peter McNestry and features seven contributors from all over (Canada, the UK and Europe). The thirteen track digital release features a handful of covers (including Spiritualized’s ‘Hold On’ and Sonic Boom’s ‘Angel’). Jump into their fuzzy creation below…

The Pink Elephants Feat. Nikki Lee – ‘Cloud Symbols’

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Kestrels – ‘Kestrels’


Kestrels have dropped their self-titled full length (via Sonic Unyon Records) and are heading on tour later this month (dates here). The trio have spent two years crafting the record following shows alongside Ringo Deathstarr, Beliefs and Greys. They feel it’s their most accomplished to date and I’m not about to disagree! The singles ‘Waiting’ and ‘No Alternative’ bolster a no-filler selection of energetic rockers, noise pop and shoegaze. Should sound great on the road. There’s still some limited gold/purple splatter vinyl available here.

Kestrels – ‘Kestrels’ [Album Stream]

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Kestrels – ‘Waiting’


Kestrels return with their third album on September 30 featuring the lead single ‘No Alternative’ and their latest ‘Waiting’. I had a listen to the record this week, and I know you’ll love it! The Halifax noise pop trio is drummer Paul Brown, bassist Devin Peck and singer/guitarist Chad Peck (of We Need Secrets / Noyes Records fame). Kestrels spent two years carving out the record, as mixed by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins / Sunny Day Real Estate). Pick up the limited gold and purple splatter vinyl through Sonic Unyon.

Kestrels – ‘Waiting’

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