Pastel Dream – ‘Pastel Dream’


Caitlyn Whitfield fronts Pastel Dream; a five piece dream pop outfit out of California. Fans of lo-fi jangle/dream pop should lap up their debut self-titled EP. Its a short introduction (at four tracks), but it’s a promising start nonetheless. Name your price at Bandcamp.

Pastel Dream – ‘Pastel Dream’

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Southpaw – ‘Amour Fou’


Southpaw is the moniker of Californian multi-instrumentalist Nathan Guzman. Last month he unveiled ‘Gin’, the first song from his upcoming 4 track EP ‘Amour Fou’ (expected late this year/or early next). The hypnotic ‘Gin’ video was streamed more than 10,000 times in just a few weeks. Not bad for a reverb swamped instrumental! And this week, he unveiled the stunning title track; another blissful instrumental masterpiece. I believe this is an early version, and may be changed up. Still, Southpaw is one to watch.

Southpaw – ‘Amour Fou’

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Rollercoasterwater – ‘Umami Sounding Fireball’


I have no idea why Rollercoasterwater’s latest EP ‘Umami Sounding Fireball’ hasn’t completely blown up the blogosphere yet! Perhaps it’s because both titles are a mouthful!? Point is, these four tracks are brilliant. It’s trippy psych meets dream pop with plenty of gorgeous melodies to get lost in. Rollercoasterwater are a California-based duo featuring singer/samplist Chuckie Behrin and percussionist Robin Levy. Stream the mind bending EP in full below.

Rollercoasterwater – ‘Umami Sounding Fireball’ [EP Stream]

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Them Are Us Too – ‘Remain’


Whirr think you should be listening to Them Are Us Too, and they’ve got a point. The 21-year-old duo (guitarist Cash Askew and singer Kennedy Wenning) hail from California, and released their debut album ‘Remain’ in April (which may have flown under radars, but should be in the spotlight). It’s a near flawless debut, taking influence from 80s synth pop/goth (Depeche Mode, New Order), along with 4AD-era dream pop. Noisey have already made comparisons between Kennedy’s vocals and Elisabeth Fraser’s voice (Cocteau Twins), which is high praise given she’s the queen of ethereal vocals. The lead songs ‘Us Now’ and ‘Eudaemonia’ impress. But for me, the album highlight is ‘The Problem With Redheads’ (which can be streamed over at Spotify). Better still, pick up the vinyl through Dais Records, you’ll be glad you did.

Them Are Us Too – ‘Us Now’

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Castlebeat – ‘Vintage Flowers’


Castlebeat has created a bedroom pop stunner called ‘Vintage Flowers’ (free download), it’ll be available on a forthcoming debut EP. The tune melds a “shitty lo-fi sound” (his words, not mine) together with jangle pop and a little surf, it’s the work of California’s Josh Hwang. When not in solo mode, Josh also plays in garage/surf band Jaded Juice Riders (as pictured). Check out more via Soundcloud.

Castlebeat – ‘Vintage Flowers’

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Little Child Man – ‘Mini Makeout!’


California’s Little Child Man have delivered a trippy new EP called ‘Delicious Octopus Gum!‘, it’s well cosmic! The foursome venture into experimental territory with washed out instrumentals, psych pop gems and 60s nostalgia. It’s loads of fun and it’ll keep you guessing. I particularly like the way ‘Thimble Man’ and ‘Mini Makeout!’ work together. Underrated listening.

Little Child Man – ‘Mini Makeout!’

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