Forevr – ‘Demonstration’


Guitarist Donovan Miller (formerly of Roku Music) and singer Sam George-Allen are Forevr, a new shoegaze duo out of Brisbane. They delivered a debut four song offering called ‘Demonstration‘ in April. But, it didn’t look anything like this! Forevr are now toting gold cassettes and discs – it’s gazey bling! The pair have crafted some amazing songs to get us drooling for a full length.

Forevr – ‘Demonstration’

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Deafcult – ‘Deafcult’ [EP]


Deafcult are a fresh collective from Brisbane who produce ear bleeding noise pop and shoegaze. Their seven track debut landed this week, and it comes highly recommended! The six piece features current and former members of Nuclear Summer, Roku Music and The Gifthorse. ‘Throwing Sparks’ and ‘Akira’ are amazing tracks. Stream this puppy now…

Deafcult – ‘Deafcult’ [EP Stream]

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Kigo – ‘Lust Lost’


Kigo has dropped a fresh single called ‘Lust Lost‘ (just in time for Roogaze 2015)! For his latest effort, the Brisbane artist (Dwayne Pearce) adds some synthesizers to mix up his gazey sound. It’s his third single since ‘Close (Enough To Kiss)’, and is set for release on a forthcoming EP or LP (release date and details are to be confirmed).

Kigo – ‘Lust Lost’

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Forevr – ‘Yucatan’


Brisbane-based shoegaze duo Forevr posted a four track demo this week and it features a number of impressive songs. ‘Yucatan’ is a stunner! The group features guitarist Donovan Miller (who departed Roku Music last October), along with singer Sam George-Allen. ‘Demonstration’ is like spending twenty minutes lost in a dark haze, that at times borderlines on drone. Sam’s vocals are the only reassuring light, and sound amazing on the opener and ‘Heart Of Ice’. More please!

Forevr – ‘Yucatan’

Download Forevr’s ‘Demonstration’ @ Bandcamp.

J. Francis – ‘To Adore’


J. Francis returns with his latest album ‘To Adore‘ this week, his third full length (in as many years). The Brisbane-based solo artist (Julian Pearce) first impressed with 2013’s ‘Almost’ and followed it up last year with ‘Tired’. J. Francis produces the shyest bedroom pop imaginable, with equal parts jangle pop, new wave and dream pop. The title track ‘To Adore’ is one of his most accomplished efforts to date, an introspective gem. But there’s a number of stand outs, like the Cure-esque ‘Hang Up On Me’ and my personal fave, the bleak lament ‘Float, Sway’.

J. Francis – ‘To Adore’ [LP Stream]

Visit J. Francis @ Bandcamp.

Kigo – ‘Like Amber’


Kigo has unveiled the fresh single ‘Like Amber‘, an airy shoegaze tune that’s incredibly pretty! The Brisbane-based solo artist (Dwayne Pearce) delivers his most sublime track yet, with a submerged feel throughout. This time round there’s no eardrum quivering blast of white noise (which I was waiting to hear on first listen). Lovely work! ‘Like Amber’ follows December’s ‘Never Knowing’, both will appear on a forthcoming 2015 release.

Kigo – ‘Like Amber’

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