Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of 2016

shoegaze dream pop songs albums 2016

It’s time, here’s the yearly list of our most loved albums in shoegaze and dream pop for 2016! It kicked off with some brilliant EPs from LSD & the Search for God, Indoor Voices and Dear Tracks, before gifting us with some of the most exciting shoegaze albums in recent years; Rev Rev Rev, Jaguwar, and The Stargazer Lilies. Supergroup Minor Victories landed, along with the reformation of Lush. Nothing’s full length ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ gave us the crowd pleasers we’d been looking for (an instant classic). Next year we look forward to fresh music from Slowdive, Airiel, Miniatures, Pia Fraus, and the wonderful Star Horse. In the meantime, the yearly playlist has been updated and added to the bottom of the post. Thanks to everyone for your support this year (it’s been a tough one), see you in 2017.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of 2016

1 NothingTired Of TomorrowRock/Shoegaze
2 NewmoonSpaceRock/Shoegaze
3 LSD and the Search for GodHeaven Is A Place [EP]Psych Rock/Shoegaze
4 Leave The PlanetNowhere [EP]Dream Pop
5 Japanese BreakfastPsychopompRock/Shoegaze
6 Turnip KingLaikaRock/Shoegaze
7 Lazy LegsVisiondeathShoegaze
8 Day WaveHard To Read [EP]Jangle Pop/Dream Pop
9 Matt BartramMoments BeforeShoegaze
10 CrescendoUnlessJangle Pop/Dream Pop
11 KindlingEverywhere ElseShoegaze
12 Rev Rev RevDes fleurs magiques bourdonnaientShoegaze
13 JaguwarIINoise Rock/Shoegaze
14 DIIVIs The Is AreJangle Pop/Shoegaze
15 Dear TracksSoft Dreams [EP]Jangle Pop/Dream Pop
16 Hideous TownsDisquiet LivingDream Pop/New Wave
17 Flyying ColoursMindfulnessRock/Shoegaze
18 VHS DreamDepartureDream Pop/Shoegaze
19 The Stargazer LiliesDoor To The SunDream Pop/Psych
20 Vivienne EastwoodShook [EP]Shoegaze
21 Tape WavesHere To FadeDream Pop/Jangle
22 Box And The TwinsEverywhere I Go Is SilenceDream Pop/Darkwave
23 Minor VictoriesMinor VictoriesDream Pop/Post-Rock
24 Linda GuilalaPsiconauticaShoegaze/Dream Pop
25 Hazel EnglishNever Going Home [EP]Dream Pop/Synth
26 KestrelsKelstrelsShoegaze/Rock
27 LandingComplekt Psych/Dream Pop
28 Good Morning TVGood Morning TV [EP]Psych Pop/Dream
29 Indoor VoicesAuratic [EP]Shoegaze
30 Tears Run RingsIn SurgesShoegaze/Dream Pop
31 WrayHypatiaPost-Punk/Shoegaze
32 PinkshinyultrablastGrandfeatheredDream Pop/Shoegaze
33 Living HourLiving HourDream Pop/Psych
34 True WidowAVVOLGEREDoom/Sludgegaze!
35 Dead Horse OneSeason Of MistPsych/Shoegaze
36 MumrunnerGentle Slopes [EP]Rock/Shoegaze
37 CandanceNew FutureDream Pop
38 MeltRifferShoegaze/Rock
39 MiserableUncontrollableDream Pop
40 Hope Sandoval And The Warm InventionsUntil The HunterDream Pop
41 LandingThird SightPsych/Dream Pop
42 The FloristBlood MusicShoegaze
43 FaitSonder [EP]Dream Pop/Instrumental
44 MollySun Sun Sun [EP]Dream Pop/Shoegaze
45 Lorelle Meets The ObsoleteDistancePsych/Shoegaze
46 MemoryhouseSoft HateDream Pop/Synth Pop
47 Vinyl WilliamsBruneiPsych/Dream
48 Vet TripSwimming In MachinesShoegaze/Dream Pop
49 Haiku GardenWaverRock/Shoegaze
50 VallensConsentDream Pop
51 LushBlind Spot [EP]Dream Pop/Rock
52 FluctuationsNightlife [EP]Shoegaze
53 Salt Rush & Mark PetersSalt RushDream Pop
54 No JoyDrool Sucker [EP]Rock/Shoegaze
55 Kinoko TeikokuAi no YukueShoegaze/Dream Pop
56 KigoSunshineShoegaze
57 Floating RoomSunlessDream Pop
58 Bloodhounds On My TrailHaunted Isles [EP]Dream Pop/Shoegaze
59 The High VioletsHeroes And HalosIndie Pop/Dream Pop
60 PolykitePrimordial [EP]Dream Pop

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2016

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November Already!? [Mixtape]


The same thing happened last year; things were moving along nicely and then October hit and *ka-blammo*… Sounds Better was forced into silence for a few weeks. Life happens I guess! Nevertheless, it’s time to recap the stand-out tunes from October and early November. The comp kicks off with Japan’s Fluctuations (揺らぎ) (‘Soon’ is lifted from their Nightlife EP which is out this December). There’s a monster new shoegazer from Lazy Legs (who just keep getting better and better), a taste of Melbourne dream poppers Polykite (they’ve just released a debut EP), fellow Victorians Parading are readying their second full length (check out ‘Butterfly’), Brighton foursome Lunar Quiet are sounding brilliant on ‘Cold Spell’ (sadly they’ve recently lost bandmate Tom). There’s also a few psych rockers in there too (Toy / Temples), plus fresh music from Hideous Towns, Cloakroom, Half, Best Friend, Southpavv, and heaps more…

November Already!? [Mixtape]

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Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2016

shoegaze dream pop songs albums 2016

Here’s 6+ hours of brain melting shoegaze, psych, dream pop and jangle pop songs! Handpicked from 2016 releases (as featured on Sounds Better With Reverb this year). As usual, the monster mixtape (almost 100 songs) will keep growing until the year is out. If you’re thinking “yay songs but… what about the albums?” Check out the newly updated list of shoegaze and dream pop albums here, there’s a shed load of albums (listed by release date).

2016 has produced some brilliant shoegaze releases; it kicked off with the Indoor Voices EP, Matt Bartram’s solo effort, Italy’s marvellous Rev Rev Rev, Jaguwar’s off the wall ‘II’ EP, Nothing’s epic new album, Thud’s stand out single, and just last week, Kindling’s ‘Everywhere Else’ LP. Switching to dream pop; Leave The Planet’s ‘Nowhere’ EP is a must, with solid LPs from Miserable and VHS Dream. LSD and the Search for God gave us one of the best psych/gaze crossovers ever with their ‘Heaven Is A Place’ EP, not forgetting The Stargazer Lilies, and Good Morning TV ‘s psych pop gem. In dreamy jangle pop land there’s been the lauded DIIV record, as well as great releases from Crescendo, Dear Tracks and Tape Waves.

Plus there’s a heap of records slated for release in the coming months; Turnip King, Mumrunner, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Panda Riot, Miniatures, Mahogany, Dead Horse One, Airiel, and next year – Slowdive! Lastly, got a suggestion for the playlist? Click through the OTT gif logo and comment at the bottom of the page. Note that a few key tunes are missing because they are not currently available on Soundcloud. Cheers!
Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2016

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Shoegaze & Dream Pop Albums On The Radar (2016)


I’m swimming in 2016 releases and decided it was time to take stock of what has been released and what’s coming up. So here’s a list of albums and EPs in the shoegaze, dream pop, psych, jangle pop vein that have been featured on Sounds Better so far this year. There’s also a heap of albums that we know are in the pipeline but haven’t got official release dates for (and/or album artwork), hence the blanks and single art.

This year there’s been must listens from LSD and the Search for God, Matt BartramCrescendoRev Rev Rev, Dear TracksPinkshinyultrablast and Leave The Planet. Round the corner there’s a handful of anticipated records from Miniatures, Star Horse, The Morelings and Airiel. So yes, loads! Any missing? Click through (the logo) and comment.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums On The Radar (2016) **UPDATED**

TBA Alpha MaleTBAShoegazeTBA
TBA AirielMolten Young LoversDream Pop/ShoegazeShelflife
TBA Burning HouseAnthropoceneRock/ShoegazeTBA
TBA (2017) CloakroomTBA [LP]Rock/ShoegazeRelapse
TBA The EntersTBA [EP]ShoegazeTBA
TBA (Fall) MahoganyTBADream PopSaint Marie
TBA Maria FalseTBA [EP]ShoegazeBeko
TBA MiniaturesJessaminesShoegazeSaint Marie
TBA The MorelingsTBA [LP]Dream Pop/ShoegazeTBA
TBA Panda RiotTBAShoegazeTBA
TBA (2017) Pia FrausTBA [LP]Dream PopSeksound
TBA (2017) SlowdiveTBADream PopTBA
TBA (Winter) SouthpawAmour Fou [EP]Instrumental/Dream PopTBA
TBA (2017) Star HorseTBA [LP]Shoegaze/Dream PopHäxrummet Records
TBA Tender AgeDebut Album TBAShoegazeSinis Recordings
TBA Youth In BloomTBAShoegazeTBA
12-27-16 FluctuationsNightlife [EP]ShoegazeYuragi
12-02-16 Tears Run RingsIn SurgesShoegaze/Dream PopDeep Space/Darla
11-25-16 Dead Horse OneSeason Of MistPsych/ShoegazeRequiem Pour Un Twister
11-25-16 Hideous TownsDisquiet LivingDream Pop/New WaveLost And Lonesome
11-25-16 LandingComplekt Psych/Dream PopThese Are Not
11-25-16 MeltRifferShoegaze/RockDanger Collective/Top Shelf
11-19-16 Versus PeopleBe Away [EP]ShoegazeS-R
11-18-16 Bloodhounds On My TrailHaunted Isles [EP]Dream Pop/ShoegazeMoon Sounds
11-18-16 Box And The TwinsEverywhere I Go Is SilenceDream Pop/DarkwaveS-R
11-18-16 DayflowerAscent [EP]ShoegazeS-R
11-18-16 Floating RoomSunlessDream PopGood Cheer
11-11-16 The Megaphonic ThriftFå meg til verden i tideDream Pop/RockOld Flame
11-04-16 Hope Sandoval And The Warm InventionsUntil The HunterDream PopTendril Tales
11-04-16 WYNever Was [EP]Dream Pop/Indie PopHybris
11-02-16 Kinoko TeikokuAi no YukueShoegaze/Dream PopEMI
10-31-16 Vet TripSwimming In MachinesShoegaze/Dream PopS-R
10-28-16 PolykitePrimordial [EP]Dream PopCloud Of Hiss
10-23-16 Pastel DreamPastel Dream [EP]Dream Pop/JangleS-R
10-21-16 Is BlissVelvet Dreams [EP]Psych Rock/ShoegazeClub AC30
10-14-16 NewmoonSpaceRock/ShoegazePias/Mayfly
10-14-16 The LaurelsSonicologyPsych/ShoegazeRice Is Nice
10-08-16 Tape Deck MountainI Will Break U [EP]ShoegazeSemi-Pro
10-07-16 Hazel EnglishNever Going Home [EP]Dream Pop/SynthAnxiety/Marathon
10-07-16 Suburban LivingAlmost ParadiseDream Pop/Lo-fi6131
10-06-16 Linda GuilalaPsiconauticaShoegaze/Dream PopS-R
10-06-16 Vivienne EastwoodShook [EP]ShoegazeS-R
09-30-16 AlcestKodamaBlackgaze/Post-metalProphecy
09-30-16 KestrelsKelstrelsShoegaze/RockSonic Unyon
09-26-16 KigoSunshineShoegazeS-R
09-23-16 Flyying ColoursMindfulnessRock/ShoegazeClub AC30/Vinyl Junkie
09-23-16 True WidowAVVOLGEREDoom/Sludgegaze!Relapse
09-16-16 Lorelle Meets The ObsoleteDistancePsych/ShoegazeCaptcha/Sonic Cathedral
09-11-16 DanxiaDanxia [EP]Dream PopS-R
09-09-16 MumrunnerGentle Slopes [EP]Rock/ShoegazeSoliti/Wolves And Vibrancy
09-09-16 Turnip KingLaikaRock/ShoegazeFire Talk
09-02-16 Slow Down Molasses100% SunshineRock/ShoegazeNoyes Records
08-26-16 Vinyl WilliamsBruneiPsych/DreamCompany Records
08-23-16 FaitSonder [EP]Dream Pop/InstrumentalInertia
08-19-16 Eros And The EschatonWeight Of MatterRock/ShoegazeBar None
08-12-16 KindlingEverywhere ElseShoegazeNo Idea
08-03-16 Rei CloneWet [EP]ShoegazeS-R
07-29-16 Tape WavesHere To FadeDream Pop/JangleBleeding Gold
07-28-16 WhimsicalSleep To DreamShoegaze/Dream PopSaint Marie
07-22-16 CastlebeatCastlebeatJangle Pop/DreamSpirit Goth
07-15-16 No JoyDrool Sucker [EP]Rock/ShoegazeTopshelf
07-15-16 Lazy LegsVisiondeathShoegazeWild Patterns
07-08-16 Good Morning TVGood Morning TV [EP]Psych Pop/DreamRequiem Pour un Twister
07-08-16 TracesImaginary Life [EP]Dream Pop/ShoegazeS-R
06-26-16 Omega VagueObsolescentShoegazeS-R
06-24-16 CeriseSmoke Screen DreamsDream PopS-R
06-24-16 Salt Rush & Mark PetersSalt RushDream PopPedigree Cuts
06-24-16 VallensConsentDream PopHand Drawn Dracula
06-22-16 The FloristBlood MusicShoegazeS-R
06-17-16 The CratersKids Can Tell [EP]Jangle Pop/ShoegazeDesigner Medium
06-17-16 LandingThird SightPsych/Dream PopEl Paraiso
06-17-16 VHS DreamDepartureDream Pop/ShoegazeHusky
06-16-16 FugleflugtenAftenpragtstjerne [EP]Post Punk/ShoegazeS-R
06-05-16 The Pink ElephantsDream ChamberDream Pop/PsychS-R
06-03-16 ManisnotabirdLife & LevityPost Rock/ShoegazeS-R
06-03-16 Minor VictoriesMinor VictoriesDream Pop/Post-RockFat Possum
06-03-16 The Stargazer LiliesDoor To The SunDream Pop/PsychGraveface
06-01-16 MollySun Sun Sun [EP]Dream Pop/ShoegazeS-R
05-26-16 Leave The PlanetNowhere B-Sides [EP]Dream PopS-R
05-25-16 Follow The SeaBlue JoyPost Punk/ShoegazeHäxrummet
05-16-16 Voices From Deep BelowThis Place Will Rise UpShoegazeS-R
05-13-16 Lavender BlushLavender Blush [EP]ShoegazeS-R
05-13-16 NothingTired Of TomorrowRock/ShoegazeRelapse
05-12-16 Haiku GardenWaverRock/ShoegazeKapa Records
05-12-16 Zone OutTransienceElectronic/Dream PopDeaf Ambitions
04-29-16 The Blessed IslesStraining Hard Against the Strength of NightDream Pop/ShoegazeSaint Marie
04-29-16 MiserableUncontrollableDream PopNative Sound
04-29-16 Pity SexWhite Hot MoonRock/ShoegazeRun For Cover
04-22-16 Plastic FlowersHeavenlyDream PopNative Sound
04-15-16 Bloody KnivesI Will Cut Your Heart Out For ThisNoise Rock/ShoegazeSaint Marie
04-15-16 LushBlind Spot [EP]Dream Pop/RockEdamame
04-15-16 SolidsElse [EP]Rock/ShoegazeTopshelf
04-15-16 SulkNo IllusionsPsych/ShoegazePerfect Sound Forever
04-01-16 The High VioletsHeroes And HalosIndie Pop/Dream PopSaint Marie
04-01-16 JaguwarIINoise Rock/ShoegazeProspect
04-01-16 Japanese BreakfastPsychopompRock/ShoegazeYellow K
03-31-16 Hazy MountainsSmall HoursElectronic/ShoegazeS-R
03-28-16 Leave The PlanetNowhere [EP]Dream PopWeiner Records
03-22-16 CandanceNew FutureDream PopFound Object
03-18-16 Telstar Sound DroneMagical Solutions To Everyday StrugglesPsych/ShoegazeBad Afro
03-18-16 Chatnam RiseKXLU In Studio Session For Part Time PunksShoegaze/AmbientPicture In My Ear
03-18-16 Soft FangsThe LightRock/ShoegazeDisposable America
& Exploding in Sound
03-18-16 The VeldtThe Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation [EP]Dream Pop/R&BLeonard Skully Records
03-12-16 RayningSee You Soon [EP]Dream Pop/AmbientS-R
03-09-16 DaylilyPillsRock/ShoegazeS-R
03-04-16 Day WaveHard To Read [EP]Jangle Pop/Dream PopGrand Jury/ Fat Possum/ IOHYOU
03-04-16 Sound Of CeresNostalgia For InfinityPsych Pop/LoungeJoyful Noise
02-26-16 PinkshinyultrablastGrandfeatheredDream Pop/ShoegazeClub AC30
02-26-16 Presents For Sally/
An Arms Reach Away/ Darkness Inside [Split]ShoegazeWrong Way Records
02-26-16 Dear TracksSoft Dreams [EP]Jangle Pop/Dream PopTrack & Field/ Furious Hooves
02-19-16 Rev Rev RevDes fleurs magiques bourdonnaientShoegazeNorthern Light/ Custom Made Music
02-19-16 Living HourLiving HourDream Pop/PsychLefse Records
02-19-16 Golden DazeGolden DazePsych/Jangle PopAutumn Tone
02-19-16 CrescendoUnlessJangle Pop/Dream PopWWNBB
02-18-16 CollapseSelf Titled [EP]ShoegazeS-R
02-12-16 Film SchoolJune [EP]Rock/ShoegazeS-R
02-11-16 LacingHoney Glow [EP]Shoegaze/Post-HardcoreS-R
02-09-16 MemoryhouseSoft HateDream Pop/Synth PopBeko
02-05-16 DIIVIs The Is AreJangle Pop/ShoegazeCaptured Tracks
02-05-16 Ulrika SpacekThe Album ParanoiaPsych Rock/ShoegazeTough Love Records
02-02-16 Savage SisterSpeechlessDream Pop/AmbientS-R
02-02-16 Angel Falls…whenShoegaze/RockAngel Falls Music
01-31-16 Soft WoundsSoft WoundsRock/ShoegazeS-R
01-29-16 The Altered HoursIn Heat Not SorryRock/ShoegazeArt For Blind/ Penske Recordings
01-29-16 Matt BartramMoments BeforeShoegazeDrifting Falling
01-15-16 LSD and the Search for GodHeaven Is A Place [EP]Psych Rock/ShoegazeDeep Space Recordings
01-15-16 Indoor VoicesAuratic [EP]ShoegazeHäxrummet
01-15-16 WrayHypatiaPost-Punk/ShoegazeCommunicating Vessels
01-11-16 We. the PigsDK31 [EP]Noise Pop/ShoegazeDiscosdekirlian
12-21-15 Foresaken AutumnWhenereShoegazeS-R

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Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of 2015


The 2015 end of year list is here! This time it’s a jumbo list of 50 favourite albums, as well as an expanded playlist of 90+ songs. So if you don’t find something to listen to over the holidays, there’s something very wrong! It’s never made much sense to include everything in one big list, but well, here we are again. There’s a genre column that’s sortable, that may appease the purists.

First up, the must-listen shoegaze records. Italy’s La Casa al Mare delivered an unforgettable debut in ‘This Astro’, an instant classic. Beliefs returned with their second album ‘Leaper’ and it turned out to be a stunner, even better than expected. Ringo Deathstarr delivered again with ‘Pure Mood’, they could be on top every year! 93MillionMilesFromTheSun gave us the noise/psych crossover ‘Fall Into Nothing’, an epic listen. Cheatahs continued to dish out brilliance with ‘Mythologies’, and Venera 4‘s full length ‘Eidolon’ impressed.

In dream pop land, it’s hard to argue against the beauty of Beach House‘s ‘Depression Cherry’. It’s minimal dream pop at its best. I didn’t expect it, and loved every minute. That’s not to take away from the amazing crossover records by PinkshinyultrablastThem Are Us Too, Wildhoney and The Black Ryder. And also, the stand-out jangle pop records; ‘Jane’s Lament’ by Au.Ra, Day Wave‘s debut and Hibou‘s self/titled, all great.

2015 was another big year for reunions; on the back of Slowdive‘s tour came news of Ride‘s live return, as well as Swervedriver‘s new album and the imminent reunion of Lush! What’s next? Here’s hoping My Bloody Valentine‘s new EP will see the light of day but that’s crossing all fingers and toes! Though it’s not completely improbable, Kevin Shields told NME they were heading back into the studio last October/November to work on it. So who knows?

As 2015 wraps up there’s a number of confirmed releases to look forward to in 2016; like DIIV, NothingLSD And The Search For God, Pinkshinyultrablast, Dear Tracks, The Enters, Dead Horse One, The Morelings and Maria False. Without further preamble, here’s a list of faves from 2015 (combining albums and EPs / excluding 2-3 track singles)…

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of 2015

1 Beach HouseDepression CherryDream PopSub Pop
2 La Casa al MareThis Astro [EP]ShoegazeS/R
3 BeliefsLeaperShoegaze / Dream PopHand Drawn Dracula
4 Ringo DeathstarrPure MoodShoegaze / Noise PopClub AC30 / Vinyl Junkie
5 PinkshinyultrablastEverything Else MattersDream Pop / RockClub AC30 / Shelflife
6 93MillionMilesFromTheSunFall Into NothingShoegaze / PsychS/R
7 CheatahsMythologiesShoegaze / PsychWichita Recordings
8 Them Are Us TooRemainDream Pop / Synth PopDais Records
9 Au.RaJane's LamentDream / Jangle / PsychFelte
10 Venera 4EidolonShoegaze / Dream PopS/R
11 No JoyMore FaithfulShoegaze / Dream PopMexican Summer
12 The Black RyderThe Door Behind The DoorDream Pop / ShoegazeThe Anti-Machine Machine
13 AstrobriteDeluxerShoegaze / Noise RockS/R
14 WildhoneyYour Face Sideways [EP]Dream Pop / RockTopshelf Records
15 SwervedriverI Wasn't Born To Lose YouRock / ShoegazeS/R
16 DeafcultDeafcult [EP]Noise Pop / ShoegazeS/R
17 WildhoneySleep Through ItNoise Pop / ShoegazeDeranged / Forward Records
18 Day WaveHeadcase [EP]Dream Pop / Jangle PopS/R
19 Lightning BugFloatersShoegaze / PsychS/R
20 TrementinaAlmost Reach The SunShoegaze Vinyl Junkie / BYM
21 WestkustLast ForeverNoise Pop / ShoegazeLuxury / Run For Cover
22 Infinity GirlHarmShoegaze / RockTopshelf Records
23 AirsApart [EP]Shoegaze / Dream PopBone Orchard
24 She Bit Her LipViivDream Pop / ShoegazeSeksound Records
25 CloakroomFurther OutShoegaze / Post-HardcoreRun For Cover Records
26 HibouHibouDream Pop / Jangle PopBarsuk Records
27 MumrunnerFull Blossom [EP]Shoegaze / PsychSoliti / Wolves & Vibrancy
28 QuellQuellShoegaze / Post-RockS/R
29 WinterSupreme Blue DreamDream Pop / Indie PopLollipop Records
30 Air FormationWere We Ever Here [EP]Shoegaze / RockClub AC30
31 Flyying ColoursROYGBIV [EP]Shoegaze / Noise PopClub AC30 / Shelflife
32 ForevrDemonstration [EP]Shoegaze / Dream PopS/R
33 Static DaydreamStatic DaydreamNoise Rock / ShoegazeMoon Sounds / Saint Marie Records
34 HelenThe Original FacesShoegaze / RockKranky
35 LustLustShoegaze / Post-HardcoreS/R
36 SourinSourinShoegazeS/R
37 TamarynCranekissDream Pop / New WaveMexican Summer
38 Fever DreamMoyaMoyaNoise Pop / ShoegazeClub AC30
39 SheerUneasyShoegaze / RockThe Native Sound
40 KindlingGalaxies [EP]Shoegaze / RockNo Idea Records
41 Vaadat CharigimSinking As A StoneShoegaze / PsychAnova Music / Burger Records
42 ThreadingYou Are Never Enough [EP]Shoegaze / Post-HardcoreThe Native Sound
43 Maria FalseWhenShoegazeA Quick One
44 White PoppyNatural PhenomenaShoegaze / ExperimentalNot Not Fun
45 This Love Is DeadlyWantShoegaze / Dream PopBekassine / Lovesick
46 Presents For SallyColours & ChangesRock / ShoegazeSaint Marie Records
47 Shana FalanaSet Your Lightning Fire FreeShoegaze / PsychTeam Love Records
48 Everyone But MeEveryone But Me [EP]ShoegazeCustom Made Music
49 Bloodhounds On My TrailEscape II [EP]Dream Pop / ShoegazeMoon Sounds Records
50 Ghost LakeI Feel EverythingShoegazeS/R

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2015 *UPDATED*

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Not Dead Yet! (Sep – Nov Mix Tape)


SBWR returns from the dead with a mega mix to make amends! A brief “mini break” turned into an unplanned hiatus of several months, hence the radio silence. What the feck happened? Nothing dramatic, just life sucking the minutes away and leaving zero time to post. Blogging is a luxury that sadly doesn’t pay the bills! Despite the unpredictability of late, Sounds Better will keep chugging along in sporadic fashion. There’s been a stupid amount of great tunes released over the September – November period, so let’s recap. Some tunes you’ll know, some perhaps not. If there’s anything worth noting that’s missed, please click through (the image above) and comment at the bottom of the page.

First up, in September the big news broke that British rockers Lush are reuniting for their first show in 19 years at London’s Roundhouse next May. The show sold out in six hours. Six hours! 4AD have since announced a special box set and there’s likely to be plenty more announcements in the months to come. Beach House dropped the surprise album ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ just a few months after delivering their ‘Depression Cherry’ LP. Both are great but ‘Depression Cherry’ is a must listen, one of the best dream pop records I’ve heard in years. In less positive news, Whirr finally pushed the social media envelop too far and have been dropped by their labels for sending transphobic tweets. Reddit users were ravenous!

DIIV fans have finally got their hands on a pair of singles from the band’s forthcoming album (out next February via Captured Tracks). The Brooklyn-based jangle poppers are sounding woozier than ever, and have avoided polishing up their sound (hooray for that). Though the confusing album title (‘Is The Is Are’) may leave some of us opting to call it “the second one” instead! Meanwhile Ringo Deathstarr are set for the release of their new record ‘Pure Mood’ (out November 20 via Club AC30). The Texan shoegazers have so far posted ‘Guilt’, ‘Stare At The Sun’ and a cover of ‘Heart And Soul’ by T’Pau. They’re predictably fantastic, Ringo Deathstarr can do no wrong. Only problem is, the vinyl pre-sale is sold out. Can someone help me? Please! **UPDATE  – Norman records have some here – thanks Moz!**

Heard of Fern? The Sydney-based three piece have delivered their debut single ‘It Comes Slow’, an atmospheric slow burner that hints at big things to come. One to watch, as are Brooklyn collective Ntions (debut album coming this month)! Massachusetts shoegazers Kindling have thrown a right hook with the monster tune ‘Blinding Wave’. Pick up their new EP ‘Galaxies’ from No Idea Records, it’s loads of fun (I promise). Surf Rock Is Dead have wooed the indie press with their new EP ‘SRiD’, the Brooklyn act blend jangle pop and new wave into catchy pop nuggets. The reverb-heavy ‘Never Be The Same’ has racked up a shed-load of plays, and rightly so!

Toronto shoegaze faves Beliefs have returned with their sophomore album ‘Leaper’ (out this month via Hand Drawn Dracula). Lead tracks ‘Tidal Wave’ and ‘1992’ don’t disappoint, so don’t miss it! Next month Aussie duo Forevr are releasing a new 7inch featuring the ‘Contest’. A jaw dropping song – why don’t more ‘gazey songs have tambourines!? The roogaze train keeps rolling with Melbourne’s Crimsonettes. The quartet have delivered their ‘Sickly Sweet’ EP with a dreamy collection of gems.

Wray have kicked off the campaign for their second album ‘Hypatia’ (out early 2016 via Communicating Vessels). The Alabama shoegaze act unveiled their single ‘Mary 23rd’ via COS. Canadian dream pop duo Memoryhouse have returned, three years after their debut LP – wooop! Their second LP is called ‘Soft Hate’ and features the impressive single ‘Dream Shake’. L.A’s Winter have dropped an equally dreamy tune called ‘All The Things You Do’, their first on Burger Records. It follows Winter’s standout album ‘Supreme Blue Dream’.

Cheatahs second album ‘Mythologies’ is out now via Wichita Recordings. Considering the British rockers already delivered two EPs this year, it’s amazing they had the songs to flesh it out. It’s an exciting record, Cheatahs work hard to avoid predictable sounds and song structures, and we’re all the better for it. Wildhoney have unveiled their latest EP ‘Your Face Sideways’ via Topshelf Records. The Baltimore quintet transition from noise pop to dream pop with ease, maintaining their pop appeal while taking another step forward. Can’t wait for another full length!

Air Formation have returned in earnest with their ‘Were We Ever Here’ EP (out now via Club AC30). Since reforming last year the Brighton shoegaze veterans have regained their urgency. The EP features some of their best work to date, ‘The Wasted Days’ effortlessly delivers noise, melody and composure. Not sure how they do it. Speaking of British rock acts, newcomers Colour Of Spring are worth checking out. The Leeds foursome recently posted their second single ‘Grey’, an upbeat slacker-gaze number with a positive feel, no doubt it’ll sound great on tour.

Time to introduce Lazy Legs and their fuzzy first single ‘Lipstick Prick’! The Chicago trio features Laura Wagner, Nick Piontek and Michael Tenzer (also of Savage Sister / Eyes Behind The Veil). Meanwhile, The Native Sound have kept busy with a string of strong releases, including Sheer‘s blistering LP ‘Easy’ and Threading‘s EP ‘You Are Never Enough’. In my opinion Threading deserve a load more attention, they’ve got a cinematic sound that lands somewhere between post rock, hardcore and shoegaze. Plus there’s plenty of stormy vocal melodies to hook you in (stream the rest here).

There’s a heap of other stand out tunes that make up this mix, but I’m going to quit typing before this turns into a novel…

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