Beliefs – ‘Leaper’

This week Hand Drawn Dracula delivered ‘Leaper’, the second album from Beliefs! The Ontario duo is Jesse Crowe (of Rolemodel / Praises) and Josh Korody (of Nailbiter / Wish), together they sound like a shoegaze equivalent of Sonic Youth. Jesse’s vocals often have that Kim Gordon punk attitude to them. It’s something that’s so hard to pull off, the “I’m singing this but I really don’t two shits” sound. Beliefs do it really well, and it sets them apart from dreamier shoegaze acts.

‘Leaper’ is an entirely new beast but it’s positively dripping with nostalgia, from the guitar tones to the song titles (‘Swooner’ ‘Drown’), to the artwork, even the lyrical references nod to the classics (i.e. “you shouldn’t taste, just like honey”). Beliefs make it pretty clear what they’re trying to do and ‘Leaper’ delivers exactly what you’d think. It’s unapologetic, this is your 90s band memories re-imagined in ten new tracks.

Thankfully Beliefs don’t just spend the album emulating the greats, it’s full of solid song writing. The lead singles ‘Tidal Wave’ and ‘1992’ are great but in my opinion, there’s even better album cuts. ‘Ghosts’ is one of these highlights, it’s a really simple tune but has a great feel and melody. And of course, having both girl and guy vocalists is always a win, it keeps the album fresh.

Beliefs haven’t set out to reinvent the wheel with this release, they’ve borrowed from the creative cauldron and they also put some back. If you’re a fan of the lead singles then definitely take the time with this one. It’s one of the stronger shoegaze records I’ve heard in 2015 and it’s consistent throughout. I’ve given it a few listens now and I expect it’ll grow on me even more. Pick up a copy via Hand Drawn Dracula, there’s translucent green vinyl on offer.

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Beliefs - 'Leaper'
  • Solid second album
  • Guy / girl vocals
  • No filler
  • Nostalgia may be too much for some!
4.0Overall Score
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Beliefs – ‘Tidal Wave’ [Video]


Beliefs are back with a fresh single / video called ‘Tidal Wave’ (premiered by Stereogum)! The Toronto rockers also revealed that their new album ‘Leaper’ will be out next year through Hand Drawn Dracula. Beliefs 2013 self-titled album was one of the strongest shoegaze records of that year, featuring ‘Waiting For The World To End’, ‘Lilly’ and ‘Catch My Breath’ (as below). 2015 is looking rosy for reverb fans with releases expected from The Black Ryder, La Casa Al Mare, Venera 4, Cheatahs, 93MMFTS, Dead Leaf Echo, She’s So Rad, Wildhoney and Pinkshinyultrablast.

Beliefs – ‘Tidal Wave’ [Video]

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Wish – ‘All The Time’


Toronto’s Wish have posted a colourful new video for ‘All The Time’, taken from their recently released debut album (available via Hand Drawn Dracula). It’s a jangly pysch popper with loads of charm! I particularly like the pretty descending melody that takes over in the chorus, it works great with the lo-fi processed vocals (mildly Strokes-ish). Wish are helmed by Kyle Connolly (of Milk Lines, Breeze and Beliefs) together with drummer Peter Gosling (Decades, Lobby), bassist Emily Bitze (Milk Lines) and guitarist Josh Korody (also of the shoegaze outfit Beliefs and Breeze). One big happy family!

Wish – ‘All The Time’

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Beliefs – ‘Sound Of Thunder’ (Duran Duran Cover)

beliefs-sound of thunder-single-artwork

There’s never been a better time to listen to Duran Duran and not feel guilty about it! Beliefs have given their 1981 classic ‘Sound Of Thunder’ a shoegaze twist for the compilation album ‘Making Patterns Rhyme: A Tribute To Duran Duran’, available from July 15 through Modern/Manimal. The sixteen track collection features a diverse bunch of artists including Warpaint, Little Dragon, Crocodiles and Juliette Lewis. Best of all, the proceeds go to Amnesty International. If you were born before the original was released, you can get up to speed on the original version here!

Beliefs – ‘Sound Of Thunder’ (Duran Duran Cover)

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