This Love Is Deadly – ‘Want’


Last week I posted ‘Vertigo‘ by This Love Is Deadly from their recently released second album ‘Want’. I hadn’t heard the album, just the single, and I didn’t know what to expect. Well now I have, (thanks to Bekassine Records) and wow, great album! It’s very rare these days to be unable to stream an album on release, but ‘Want’ remains elusive. Unless I’m mistaken, you won’t find it publicly streaming anywhere at present (which may change). So you’ll have to snap up the vinyl to really jump into it. But the Berlin-based shoegazers have allowed me to share a new song, the album opener ‘Certainly Not Pushed’.

The ten track collection ranges from icy cold dream pop to explosive shoegaze anthems, with bendy guitars and beautiful boy/girl vocals. ‘Certainly Not Pushed’ gives you a taste. It’s a highly creative record, there’s plenty of tangents to keep you locked in, like the unexpected drum machine break in ‘Certainly Not Pushed’, which ends in a manic flourish. The rest of ‘Want’ is just as strong, it’s intricately composed, and well suited to repeat listens.

The noise pop moments of their 2012 debut LP have been chiseled back. The melodic hooks are far less obvious but carry far more weight. It’s a mature step towards understating the obvious and focusing on the subtler elements. Of course, there’s still overt shoegaze/noise pop songs on ‘Want’, like the catchy ‘Saudade’. But as you’ll hear on ‘Vertigo’, the melodies aren’t shoved down your throat, instead there’s just a fantastic feel to it. ‘Want’ has caught me by surprise, it’s a quiet achiever that I hope you’ll hear in full. Loved it.

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This Love Is Deadly - 'Want'
  • Recommended for shoegaze/dream pop fans
  • An understated gem!
  • Some may be put off by the lack of streaming
3.7Overall Score
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