You’ll Never Get To Heaven – ‘Images’

Canada’s You’ll Never Get To Heaven served up their third album ‘Images‘ on Yellow K earlier this year. It turned out to be one of the most compelling ambient/dream pop releases of 2017. The duo is Alice Hansen (singer and classically trained pianist/violinist), together with Chuck Blazevic (producer and monome master). Together they crafted 2012’s self-titled debut and the follow-up ‘Adorn’ in 2014. Their latest is a little less abstract, with ghostly compositions showered in reverb and hypnotic vocals. ‘Images’ has several interludes and surprises wedged between more pop-centric creations (such as the title track and ‘Beyond The Clouds’). The latter is a simple but brilliant tune, that sounds a little like something The Cure might’ve done in their early days. ‘Images’ is unrepentantly chill, which may turn off some listeners. However, ambient fans can go in knowing what to expect, because if you’re in the right mood then ‘Images’ is a meditative marvel. Stream in full below…

You’ll Never Get To Heaven – ‘Images’ [Stream]

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Reighnbeau – ‘Hide’ EP

Reighnbeau constantly drops new tunes and 2017’s ‘Hide’ EP further cemented his impressive catalogue. The Albuquerque, New Mexico-based artist (Bryce Hample) teamed up with Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto) for the recording and subsequent tour. Madeline’s voice is all over the hypnotic EP. Reighnbeau’s work uses electronic/ambient sounds with layered, glitchy styling. Fans of Ulrich Schnauss or Mark Peters should find something to like here.

Hample explains the creative process; “the title track started with my voice (me recording while improvising in my practice space) and developed fully when Madeline and I started rehearsing live for a tour. The other songs all grew out of sounds from this song. The synths on ‘Grey’ are my voice run through my guitar pedals.” If ‘Hide’ scrambles your eggs, check out Reighnbeau’s Bandcamp page because there’s plenty to discover.

Reighnbeau – ‘Hide’ EP [Stream]

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Zone Out – ‘Transience’


Deaf Ambitions has delivered ‘Transience’, the debut full length from Zone Out. ‘Breakdown’ is a taste of what the Melbourne-based ambient electronic duo have served up. Since forming as a shoegaze-inspired outfit in 2012, the band split and reformed last year with Ashley Bundang (Totally Mild, Sui Zhen, Ciggie Witch) and Dave Bailey (Scotdrakula), reworking their sound. ‘Transience’ is one for fans of minimal electronic dreaminess!

Zone Out – ‘Transience’

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Moon Loves Honey – ‘Balloon’ [Video Premiere]


Moon Loves Honey delivered their impressive six-track debut ‘Apart’ earlier this year on Tapetown Records. It’s picked up airplay in the USA and in Europe, with praise from Drowned In Sound, Step On Magazine and Sound Of Aarhus. This week the Danish dreamgazers share the first look at the ‘Balloon’ video. Unlike traditional clips, this one is like moving wallpaper with kaleidoscopic visuals that are built to hypnotize. I recommend jumping into the ‘Apart’ stream below if you haven’t yet – for fans of Dråpe, Panda Panda or Snøskred.

Moon Loves Honey – ‘Balloon’ [Video Premiere]

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Half – ‘Mind Maps’


‘Mind Maps’ is absolutely stunning! It’s the work of UK producer Half who is a master of ambient guitar instrumentals, influenced by Boards of Canada, M83 and Brian Eno (among others). Half’s new full length ‘Here Lies’ is out on April 29 via Border Series and it’s sounding amazing.

Half – ‘Mind Maps’

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Rayning – ‘See You Soon’


Gerald McKay is back with another offering under his solo moniker Rayning. ‘See You Soon’ is a fresh five track EP with minimal vocals and loads of ambient dream pop. The Detroit artist has delivered four releases in as many years, last impressing with his self-titled 2014 EP (pick them up here).

Rayning – ‘See You Soon’ [EP Stream]

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