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During the recent break I was able to fully indulge in a bunch of albums I hadn’t yet well, fully indulged in! White Poppy‘s ‘ S/T ‘ is one of them. I’ve been meaning to post up another tune and then today a fresh video for ‘Without Answers’ pops up. White Poppy is the work of Canada’s Crystal Dorval and her debut record is available now through Not Not Fun Records. ‘S/T’ is a seductive album that shifts between lush vocal led songs to abstract instrumentals, all with a dense texture layered over the top. I recommend checking it out or in the least revisit the lead single ‘Wear Me Away‘.

White Poppy – ‘Without Answers’

[mejsaudio src=]

Visit White Poppy @ Not Not Fun Records @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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One Response

  1. Longantoine

    hey jess, totally raeetld! i vaguely remember the name were they around when we were still there? i’ll definitely check it out!yes, i miss the CU scene sometimes, too. i miss paying $3 to drink all night and see ridiculously good local bands rock out a basement. or, ya know, a bar.