Graveface Records have dished the news on Whirr‘s second album ‘Sway’, out September 23. Since the release of Whirr’s ‘Around’ EP, the band have toured extensively while making a sport of social media confrontations. That’s putting it diplomatically! Now the five piece are split between coasts, Nick Bassett in Philly, while the remainder are in Oakland. The lead single ‘Mumble’ is just a short blast of what’s to come. While it only runs at two and a half minutes, it doesn’t lack the kind of progressive song writing that made ‘Around’ so great. Producer Jack Shirley has done a fantastic job containing it all. Pre-orders on colored vinyl, CD, cassette and digital are available here. And lastly, Whirr have also announced Stateside shows this September, details and tickets here.

Whirr – ‘Mumble

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6 Responses

  1. Dave

    ‘Sway’ worked out well for Tape Deck Mountain just last year ( they’re talking vinyl re-press) …

    • jimmy

      True! I got one of the lathe cut records of Tape Deck Mountain’s Sway. A full pressing would be great – the lathe’s are a little quiet – shallow grooves n’ all.

  2. Anonimal

    Saw Nothing in Detroit earlier this year, was not expecting it to be Straight-Edge Hardcore guised as shoegaze. I wonder if this will be the same. Sounded way different on album.

    • BigKev

      Yeah, good point. Clearly the Nothing influence has rubbed off on Whirr’s newie. Bit too soon to tell what the album will be. They’ve never been classic gaze I suppose.

  3. Brian

    Sorry, but the old Whirr (with the female singer) is so much better.

    This just sounds like a new NOTHING song.


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