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San Francisco’s Whirr deliver their new EP ‘Around’ tomorrow via Graveface Records. It was clear when the lead track ‘Swoon’ dropped back in May that the six piece had changed directions. This time round Whirr are darker and more progressive – sporting four songs spanning close to thirty minutes. The added indulgence has paid off because this is their most impressive work to date. The ‘Around’ EP is what I hoped last year’s ‘Pipe Dreams’ LP would be. Not that it was a bad record but the band have found an extra gear. Opening track ‘Drain’ leads into a confident, well-rounded EP that’s essential listening for shoegaze fans. I think post rock pundits will get something out of it too. Brilliant.

Whirr – ‘Drain’ (may take a moment to buffer)

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Visit Whirr @ Graveface Records @ Tumblr @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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