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UK-based solo artist Rhys Williams aka Viscous Liquid started posting his spacey tunes on Soundcloud over a year ago before releasing his debut EP last October. So far we’ve heard an impressive mix of lo-fi surf pop, shoegaze¬†and drone. Viscous Liquid has successfully fulfilled his aim to “sound like the Beach Boys strung out on barbiturates playing in some sort of wind tunnel.” But to keep it fresh, the new EP will feature his catchiest song to date ‘When I See You’ from the tentatively named ‘Songs For Jealous Lovers’ (expected late February / early March). It’s a surf-tinged jangle pop track with summery vocal harmonies. It eventually descends into a chaotic wash, so I suppose pop can only last so long! Keep an eye on Bandcamp for an official release and/or head to Soundcloud to hear more cuts from the EP, like the delightfully druggy ‘Beach Party Yesterday’.

Viscous Liquid – ‘When I See You’

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More Viscous Liquid @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp.