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Mexican Summer have premiered Tamaryn‘s new record ‘Tender New Signs’ on Gorilla Vs. Bear – stream the whole record below! Pick up your copy next week (October 16) here.

Today Tamaryn posted this note on Facebook, ‘So, it is record release time in a few days! This means it’s also time for the phantasmagoria of misquoted interviews and poorly informed reviews to commence. We are of course grateful that anybody wants to write about our music at all but I strongly suggest that you don’t look to shallow, inattentive outlets to tell you what our music feels like. What we do is not going to be for everyone. Our ambitions are not rooted in the desire to win anything. We’ve put a great deal of our collective heart into ‘Tender New Signs’ and want nothing in return but the opportunity to give it to people who might share some of the same tastes and emotions as us. That is it.’

Visit Tamaryn online / Pre-order ‘Tender New Signs’ @ Mexican Summer / Connect @ Facebook

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