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Louise Trehy (former member of the 4AD shoegaze duo Swallow) released her second album in twenty years this week! Working under the moniker Strata Florida, she gives us the full length ‘Made Of Stars’ (available via Saint Marie). Following a long hiatus from music, Trehy recruited musician Peter Pavli for the album and together they began a DIY recording process in 2012. The resulting songs are gritty, dark and raw. However the light falsetto vocals keep ‘Made Of Stars’ from being a heavy affair. Album stand outs ‘Hang On’ and ‘Take Me Out’ both have an off-kilter, wonky feel which is not going to be for everyone. But, I don’t think Strata Florida are much concerned for pop appeal! Stream the whole record below..

Strata Florida – ‘Made Of Stars’

Visit Strata Florida @ Saint Marie Records @ Facebook.

Strata Florida - 'Made Of Stars'
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One Response

  1. Bladerunner

    It’s an album you need to listen at least twice to understand it. On my first listen 2 years ago I wasn’t impressed, but it’s finally clicked with me 2 years later on my second listen. Once you get over the idea, “it’s not Swallow”, it then begins to sound more like Swallow after a few listens…..It doesn’t make sense, but it’s an album you definitely need to dissect auditory.