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Reverb wins out on The Stargazer Lilies debut record ‘We Are The Dreamers’ (available now via Graveface Records). The New York veterans have crafted a densely textured sound built from spaced out melodies that melt into each other. Stand out ‘Endless Days’ is one example (video below). While album cut ‘Del Rey Mar’ plays out like a shoegazing lullaby, full of swirling feedback that doesn’t distract from the delicacy of Kim’s vocals. At times her delivery ventures from dreamy to blankly haunting (‘How We Lost’). I suppose it’s no surprise that ‘We Are The Dreamers’ turned out to be a really good listen. After all the group formed from the ashes of Soundpool with musical all-rounder John Cep, bassist/singer Kim Field with the addition of Tobacco (Black Moth Super Rainbow) and drummers EJ DeCoske and Johnny Lancia (for the live shows). Local fans can catch The Stargazer Lilies at Shea Stadium on November 15.

The Stargazer Lilies – ‘Del Rey Mar’

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