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Spotlight Kid‘s third record ‘Ten Thousand Hours’ is out this week via Saint Marie Records. The British five piece don’t leave a stone unturned on ‘Ten Thousand Hours’, it’s got high voltage noise pop and experimental tangents, right through to noisy shoegaze. But, each tune has an accessibility that would appeal to the casual indie pop fan. Personally, I prefer the album cuts that don’t have the bold vocal hooks and catchy choruses (like ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘Hold On’). Sometimes a little less sugar does the world of good! ‘Can’t Let Go’ sits somewhere in between, but shows just how pretty this record is. Spotlight Kid have definitely stepped forward since 2012’s ‘Disaster Tourist‘ – check out the full stream at Soundcloud.

Spotlight Kid – ‘Can’t Let Go’

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Visit Spotlight Kid online @ Saint Marie Records @ Facebook.

Spotlight Kid - 'Ten Thousand Hours'
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