2013 started strong with My Bloody Valentine’s ‘MBV’ (still astonished) and it hasn’t stopped. Here’s a playlist of my personal faves (shoegaze, dream pop, psych and everything in between). All of these tunes have been posted on SBWR over the past six months, some are from forthcoming albums, some are out already. With so many must listens I hope you find something that flips your eggs i.e. Grouper, Whirr, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Weekend or Implodes. Plus a handful of fresh Aussie acts including Flyying Colours, Kigo, High Highs and Archdukes that you may have overlooked. And for those tunes missing… please click through and add a comment. Thanks.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2013…

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9 Responses

  1. Darwin

    Where does “Wavygravy” come from? It’s not on Peach.

    • jimmy

      Hey Darwin, Wavygravy is by Flyying Colours. I believe they’ve posted their new EP on soundcloud under ‘Secretcolours’… not so secret anymore. ;)

  2. Celtic Frosty

    The band is called Flyying Colours. The song is actually on Spotify.

  3. Celtic Frosty

    REALLY digging that Fleeting Joys track. Any word on when that will be released (or if it’s been released already)?

    • jimmy

      Yeah – great tune!

      I put the question to John of FJ’s – he said “As far as the recording and release, I will say it’s kinda being held up by unmusical life stuff. I’m still working on it though. I don’t have a date yet.”

      Thanks, j.

  4. Darwin

    Oh, as if their name wasn’t difficult enough to search they have to hide under the name of a different band.


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