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We Need Secrets‘ debut album ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ has officially landed (available through Saint Marie Records / Noyes Records / Digital here). It’s time to take a closer look at the record following the album stream last month. We Need Secrets is the solo project of Canada’s Chad Peck, who is also the singer/guitarist for fuzz pop trio Kestrels. Plus, he founded Noyes “noise” Records almost a decade ago. In other words, Chad’s no newcomer and it shows!

There’s a heap of guest talent on the album, including Ringo Deathstarr’s Elliott Frazier on the mixing board and guitar (‘The Archive’). Plus Kestrel’s Paul Brown on drums (along with Aim Low‘s Omar Husain) and Ango on programming. Mastering was completed by Shellac’s Bob Weston. Despite the many hands and recording locations, it’s a cohesive sounding record with grit! All of the shoegaze hallmarks are on offer, with dense fuzzy textures, tremolo overloads and sunken vocals. It’s a head nod to classic acts like the Swirlies, Lilys, Chapterhouse and Drop Nineteens. It’s dripping with 80s/90s nostalgia but there’s enough fresh twists to keep the listener invested. After all, these songs are loads of fun.

Album opener ‘How You Remember’ combines ‘gazey guitars with strong vocal hooks. It plays out like a lost college rock song. Fans of Built To Spill or Pavement will be right at home! ‘Months Like Years’ and ‘Melancholy’ ring out like Ringo Deathstarr, with a playful mix of punk and bendy guitars. There’s a familiarity to the whole album that makes it easy to fall for. So much so that the obvious influences become irrelevant, like discovering a classic album you missed the first time round. That feeling will be strongest with a certain audience, for those who grew up with the same albums that influenced this one.

Lyrically there’s a theme of reflection too, these ideas are wound into tight pop formation (mostly around the three minute mark). Which means the album doesn’t lose pace, it’s a sonic rush til you hit the closing track ‘Cycles’. ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ doesn’t overindulge or strike at great depths but it’s a brilliant pairing of indie rock and shoegaze that’s hard not to love. It’s an album you’ll return to – recommended listening!
We Need Secrets – ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ [Album Stream]

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We Need Secrets - 'Melancholy And The Archive'
Sound & Production
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  • Well crafted noise pop!
  • Loads of fun
  • Impressive guest talent
  • Is nostalgia a bad thing? Perhaps for some.
3.9Overall Score
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