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When I first came across Reighnbeau‘s music I was a little confused. His Soundcloud page includes some truly stunning downbeat dream pop but there’s also some left field remixes of Rihanna, Mariah Carey (and a brilliant Twin Peaks Bootleg). I thought it must be two different people. But no, this is the colourful world of Albuquerque’s Bryce Hample. Self described as “an alchemist of shoegaze, melancholy electronica and southern rap”. And also as a hybrid of trap music and shoegaze. I’m still confused, but what I do know is that the latest eight track release ‘Hands’ is very impressive.

‘Splinters’ was released previously (as a single) but also serves as the album opener. It features guests Shane Brown and Emma Crane (of Javelina). The combined guy/girl vocals are hushed and barely distinguishable. It’s otherworldly and really beautiful. Reighnbeau had me at ‘Splinters’. Another stand out is ‘Echo’, a slow burner with sunken vocals and a sluggish pace that’s feels like it wants to pull the listener through the floor. It’s also a good summary of what ‘Hands’ has to offer. While there’s vocals in the mix, it almost works like an instrumental piece. Cinematic and ambient throughout. If you’re looking for something a little different, this chilled out collection could be your answer. A quiet achiever in many respects. ‘Hands’ is available now at Bandcamp (via Bridgetown Records).

Visit Reighnbeau @ Bridgetown Records @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Reighnbeau - 'Hands'
Sound & Production
Reverb Rating
  • A unique melding of genres
  • Beautiful songs & delivery
  • May be too sleepy for some
3.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (13 Votes)