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‘Out There’ is the latest effort by San Fransisco’s My Red Dress – it’s epic, obsessively pretty and features layers of heavenly vocals. Some tracks are just better suited to a cathedral hall than the bedroom studio! The duo (Sophia Campbell and Ryan Moonbeam Lescure of the eponymous shoegaze band Moonbeams) showcase layers of swooping harmonies that are both daring and mature, while walls of heavily distorted guitar and a pipe organ-esque bass line fade and rise. The overall effect is immense, assertive and encompassing.

Ryan was humble enough to detail some of the production techniques that create My Red Dress’ sound.

“The first thing to note is that Sophia is a tremendous singer. My logic is that Sophia’s voice is too good to bury. I don’t want it to sit under the mix like it often does in shoegaze. I want it to be blurry and vague with effects, but I ultimately want her incredible talent to shine. I try to use Grouper’s music as a template. Her vocal parts, while vague, seem to shine brilliantly. A big part of the production in these songs is that I’m constantly learning, and that I also tend to make a lot of unorthodox decisions.

I mix her vocal parts (a lead and a harmony) with a track that I’ve already written and recorded using Reaper (my digital audio workstation of choice) and use compression, EQ, reverb, and delay on her vocal tracks. I will triple both of her vocal parts, panning two of each about 25% right and left, while keeping one part centered. I use fewer effects on the centered vocal than I do the panned vocals. To fill out the sound of the vocals, I will variate subtle things about the reverb or delay between the tracks that are panned differently. This leads to the sound becoming richer, in my opinion. Our next recordings will be guided by the same principles.”

While we hungrily wait for more, catch up with a high quality digital copy of ‘Out There’ paired with ‘Cave‘ over on Bandcamp. [By Dave Lytton]
My Red Dress – ‘Out There / Cave’

Visit My Red Dress @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Shop and Moonbeams @ Bandcamp.

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