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Just in case you needed a reminder – Nothing’s new album ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ is out this week via Relapse Records (May 13)! The whole thing can be streamed now via NPR. The Philly rock act has also posted a bunch of updates to their documentary series (as below). In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the promo machine is in overdrive with an online Nothing meme creator, Nothing Emojis, plus 15 tattoo shops are offering Nothing-themed tats on release day! I’m planning on having the “N” logo tattooed on my child’s forehead to mark the occasion. *grins* But seriously, the album stream is sounding solid. They’ve balanced the hard hitters with dreamy laid-back tracks that give the record much needed depth. Now judge for yourself…

Nothing – ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’

Visit Nothing @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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