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Mumrunner have announced their new EP ‘Gentle Slopes’ will be with us on September 9 through Soliti (digital) and Wolves & Vibrancy (vinyl)! Must say, the vinyl printed skeletons look amazing (see here). The Finnish reverb rockers also served up their latest single ‘Sputnik’, the follow up to ‘Shawshank‘. The band had this to say, “Sputnik has it’s roots in the Finnish district of Kaleva. It’s a place where half of our band members live. It’s where we rehearse, play football, make love, money and hang out. The Sputnik probe started a new era in a mankind’s history many years ago. So did moving to Kaleva for Mumrunner. And to be honest, there’s also a bit  of a soviet feeling in the neighbourhood.”

Mumrunner – ‘Sputnik’

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