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Note bending bliss, a swooning chorus – ‘Anybody Silent’ is the ear grabbing single from Miniatures new EP ‘DIS‘ out this week (download). The Melbourne-based quartet is powered by the songwriting talents of Christchurch ex-pats (Ché Walden and Annemarie Duff). Miniatures have bolstered their sound since 2012’s self-titled EP, a must for fans of noise pop, shoegaze and dream pop.

Miniatures – ‘Anybody Silent’

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Visit Miniatures @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

One Response

  1. Youhei

    I think the fucking holrrbie piano was necessary because all the melodies are so fucking boring and lame that they needed some other sound to justify the song existence. now i get why carlos left, im so so sad hazel :(. im gonna see them in a festival the next month, and they have 30 min to play IF THEY PLAY MORE THAN 1 FUCKING SONG OF THIS ALBUM AND IF PAUL DOES NOT SHAVE AND PUT SOME NICE CLOTHES ON IM GONNA PRODUCE A GENOCIDE