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Earlier this year the satirical book ‘Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman’ went on sale at the Independent Label Market in London, but it’s now available online. I got my hands on a copy recently and a few people had questions following a tweet – hence the post! It’s a fun read and a great souvenir to add to the basket when vinyl shopping. It definitely helps if you’ve got a fondness for British humour and the early 90s bands the book references i.e. Lush, Ride, Catherine Wheel etc. It even features a star studded photo of Shoey House! *wink*

Here’s the low down via Sonic Cathedral, “‘Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman’ was originally published as a spoof column in NME between October 26, 1991 and February 1, 1992, and was written by writer and broadcaster David Quantick in the guise of Lord Tarquin. The new version has been illustrated by designer Marc Jones, and features the 10 original chapters, plus a brand new epilogue which brings the story of the pupils of Shoey House right up to date in a morass of middle-class mockery, double entendres and badly translated Latin.”

Pick Up A Copy Via The Sonic Cathedral Shop.

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