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New Jersey foursome Melt have posted another tune from their forthcoming debut LP ‘Riffer’ (out this week through Danger Collective / Top Shelf Records). ‘Rewind’ follows the lead single ‘Out Of Line’ and it’s another reverb rocker with fuzzy edges and plenty of vocal hooks. An accessible mix of college rock n’ shoegazey/post-hardcore production. Fans of Nothing’s latest should find something to like here.

Hoo boy… there’s been plenty of other ‘gaze related news about the internets this week – where to start!? Lush have called it a day (again) after a very successful reunion tour and the ‘Blind Spot’ EP release (read their statement here). Creation Records announced that The Jesus And Mary Chain will deliver a fresh record in March 2017! Plus some My Bloody Valentine news; while we knew that Kevin Shields was busy remastering ‘Loveless’ at Abbey Road Studios with Sean Magee, we didn’t know that MBV plan on touring again next year. *faints* Of course, that’s according to some drunken pub talk (via Reddit). But hey, it’s a small whiff of hope nonetheless. While we wait The Vinyl Factory have posted an introduction to each MBV record (check that out here).
Melt – ‘Rewind’

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