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Ironic that after 22 years waiting for My Bloody Valentine‘s third album, the server crashes on announcement and we’re left waiting that little bit longer. Thankfully it was only a few extra hours and not decades. After getting the news by text and being told to check out twitter because “people are losing their sh**,” I was one of the many on clicking refresh until the website came back to life. Indeed people did lose their sh**, the reactions, relentless jokes and continuing disbelief are almost as entertaining as the album itself.

The music world is in a very different place today than it was when My Bloody Valentine released their previous LP ‘Loveless’, hopefully more capable of digesting the discordant notes and sunken vocals. Then again, perhaps that’s because of what ‘Loveless’ did. I write that with partial credibility, I was only a kid in ’91 and the leap from Michael Jackson to Nirvana was challenging enough. MBV didn’t stop sounding like a vacuum cleaner to me until later in the nineties.

My Bloody Valentine – ‘She Found Now’

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The opener ‘She Found Now’ sounds like no time has passed. At which point, its worth noting that these recordings originate between the band’s departure from Creation Records in 1992 and their break up in 1997. Then completed over recent years (with additional sessions at Grouse Lodge, Ireland as recent as December). How many times drums or guitars have been added and then removed from each track is anybody’s guess. I’d like to hear ‘She Found Now’ with Colm drumming over it but it’s brilliant without.
My Bloody Valentine – ‘Who Sees You’

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By the time the guitars of ‘Who Sees You’ kicks in, its clear that this album ain’t no Phantom Menace. Its not a dud. More importantly, it proves that ‘Loveless’ isn’t a one-off, it isn’t an island in their catologue and it wasn’t a random occurrence. The novel nature of it is lessened and that’s a good thing. The weight of expectation ‘mbv’ held on its shoulders can’t be understated. Amazingly it delivers the depth expected of it, there’s plenty of stand out moments worthy of their legacy. A large number of 30-somethings can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Bilinda Butcher’s brilliance is as clear as ever, she takes on lead vocal duties for ‘If I Am’. It’s a dreamy pop piece where Shields’ previously stated Beach Boys influence is evident. A simple, sunny melody with subtle harmonies sneaking in towards the abrupt end.
My Bloody Valentine – ‘If I Am’

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As ‘mbv’ progresses, it slowly steps out from feeling like ‘Loveless’ (part two) and into new ground. More abstract, new sounds – is that a saxophone on ‘In Another Way’!? The line between old and new may be clearer than first thought. Given that Kevin Shields has already said that a new EP is on the way (made with only current material) we could be hearing fresh My Bloody Valentine again before long. Still hard to believe it. Grab it here.


Tuesday, 5th Feb – Namba Hatch, Osaka

Wednesday, 6th Feb – Namba Hatch, Osaka

Thursday, 7th Feb – Studio Coast, Tokyo

Thursday, 8th Feb – Studio Coast, Tokyo

Sunday, 10th Feb – Studio Coast, Tokyo

Saturday, 16th Feb – Westgate Entertainment Centre, Altona, Melbourne

Monday, 18th Feb – Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Wednesday, 20th Feb – Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane

Friday, 22nd Feb – Palace Theatre, Melbourne

Saturday, 9th Mar – Barrowlands, Glasgow

Sunday, 10th Mar – Manchester Apollo, Manchester

Tuesday, 12th Mar – London Hammersmith Apollo, Hammersmith

Download My Bloody Valentine’s ‘mbv’ @ @ Facebook.

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