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Nathalie Bruno and Jack Milwaukee formed Leave The Planet with a shared love of Slowdive, Felt and early Sarah Records acts. The East Londoners named themselves after a Galaxie 500 song and went on to release an impressive demo (selected by Fat Records), and several singles through Kanine Records. ‘Nowhere’ marks their first EP and features some stunning songs recorded over the past few years. The pair don’t overstate themselves, it’s a gentle and progressive EP that’s delivered with confidence. The combination of classic synths, drum machine and plenty of washed-out guitars makes for a late 80s synth pop sound, most evident on ‘Sirius B’ and ‘White Astra’, while ‘Surrender’ mixes it up with a new wave/jangle pop sound. ‘Seashore’ stretches their abilities again, proving that Leave The Planet are capable of carrying themselves into less structured territory, this (almost six minute song) is perhaps the hidden highlight. ‘Nowhere’ is one of the finest dream pop debuts I’ve heard in a while, highly recommended listening! Pick it up via Weiner Records from March 28 (pre-order).

Leave The Planet – ‘Nowhere’ [EP Premiere]

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