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St. Petersburg shoegazers Lava Lite‘s hard work in the studio shows on their self-titled debut EP, released on Bandcamp in April. Since their 2011 demo release, they have cleaned up and focused their sound toward dream pop. Opener ‘Fear of Silence’ features a muddy wash of guitar, chugging drums, and brilliantly apathetic, near-monotone vocals that could be mistaken for Joy Division played through a wall. The pace picks up from there, with ‘Have You Ever’ and ‘Behind The Trees’ highlighting energetic, pop leaning songwriting, tight layers of reverb, thick bass, and more washed out vocals to tie it together. Sedate closer ‘Like in 1993’ brings the collection full circle building echoing guitar and sweetly nostalgic vocals.

Altogether an exciting release that hopefully is a sign of things to come! Should appeal to fans of Vaadat Charigim, Viscous Liquid, or Camcorders. Name your own price at Bandcamp or catch it on Soundcloud along with their demos. [by Dave Lytton]
Lava Lite – ‘Lava Lite’ [EP Stream]

Visit Lava Lite @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.