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Sublime space rock from Connecticut foursome Landing. ‘Traveling’ is their new single out via Heligator Records to help those at the Malindza Refugee Camp. Hardcore fans may recognize it, the song was originally delivered on the band’s first cassette (back in the prehistoric year of 1998)! The new version sounds bigger and better than ever – download and show your support here.

The label states, “Landing recorded this track exclusively for Heligator. Aside from being an incredible musical statement, Snow’s lyrics get at the heart of what Heligator strives to do. “Why can’t you see me/I’m not invisible” is really what the refugees at the Malindza Refugee Camp are trying to say.

Forced to leave their homes because of war, political instability, xenophobia (or all of the above) these refugees want people to know they exist. Not only that they exist, but they are surviving and, against all odds, thriving. They are building libraries, teaching each other and learning/connecting to the world that they feel has largely ignored them.

Your purchase of this track goes directly to the Malindza Refugee Camp library and librarians. Funds go to keeping the lights on, repairs and providing a small stipend for the refugee volunteer librarians. Rarely do you get so rewarded for your generosity. But…here we are.”
Landing – ‘Traveling’

Visit Landing online @ Heligator Records @ Facebook.