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Kigo‘s ‘Some Other Place‘ marks EP number three (since making his debut in February). The Brisbane-based solo artist is definitely the hardest working musician featured on SBWR this year! Earlier this month we heard the abrasively noisy two track release ‘Without/Beneath‘ but this time round Kigo’s shoegaze sounds get a little dreamier and reflective. I asked him how ‘Some Other Place’ came about…

“I am really happy with how this EP turned out. Recently, I went to Melbourne for a holiday, and when I was there I saw a childhood friend I hadn’t seen since I moved to Queensland in the late 90’s. We both recognised each other, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak to him, and we just exchanged glances and moved on; a pretty innocuous event, but it stuck with me anyway. For days afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. The songs aren’t really about any one feeling, or this one event, but more so about the times you feel like there isn’t much keeping you here in the present, and it’s easier to just fade away into memories; painful or not. Thematically, I feel that these songs are tied together more closely than the other EP’s, and is probably my favourite EP I have written so far.”

Kigo – ‘Some Other Place’

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