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Get your ears prepared for an onslaught of destruction! Kigo has unleashed his debut album ‘So Lost Now‘ (download) and it’s not for the faint hearted. It follows his five EPs released this year – yep five! The Brisbane-based solo artist (Dwayne Pearce) combines the dreamiest shoegaze imaginable with a wall of abrasive noise rock. Opener ‘Move On’ is an example of Kigo’s white noise squall, combined with a beat that’s borderline drum and bass.

Kigo – ‘Move On’

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Its not all so aggressive, album cut ‘Cold (Now Closer)’ is a hushed affair preceded by ‘Can’t See You’ which builds on multi-layered guitars and vocal harmonies to produce one of the LP’s more beautiful moments. An impressive sound for a home studio recording.

Kigo – ‘Can’t See You’

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Obviously influenced by My Bloody Valentine, there’s little attempt to squash the similarities. But with the use of such bold sounds and vivid song writing I don’t think those references take away from the album’s impact. Your ears are going to bleed! Its abrasively adventurous and has the potential to piss off your parents, your partner and your flatmate. Which is what makes ‘So Lost Now’ exciting, definitely check it out if you’re a fan of the genre.

Visit Kigo @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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