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The familiar guitar squall of Kigo fades into existence on ‘Dress’ to kick off his new EP ‘Chance’ – released today (download here). The Brisbane-based solo artist builds on his previous EP ‘Some Other Place’, this time with more subtle melodies and less full frontal, shoegaze noise! Audiocred described previous EP cut ‘I Won’t (I Can’t)’, as “the closest thing I’ve heard to the grandioseness of Loveless…an understated triumph”.

Kigo – ‘Dress’

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‘Chance’ marks Kigo’s fifth EP this year and since many SBWR readers are music makers themselves, I thought I’d ask Kigo what his secret to swift songwriting is? And where does that giant guitar sound come from?

“My song writing process is really simple; when I wake up, I pick up my guitar and play. I record the first thing that comes out. I guess I write songs in this way because it feels like I am tapping into a feeling that is more honest or real, unencumbered by anything that I have seen or felt during the time I am awake.

I usually start with the guitar and drums, then add the synth and bass parts. I add vocals after I have mixed everything. I like to put the songs together in this way, as it gives me more time to think about how the vocals will fit in with the overall mood of the song. I spend a lot of time thinking about the mood, and feeling of the songs I write, as to me that’s more important than lyrics or vocals.

Kigo – ‘When You Look’

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As for the guitar sound, I use a lot of delay to make the guitar sound bigger, and lots of distortion and reverse reverb. I don’t really use alternate tunings or anything like that at all, but I do like to use heaps of pitch bending on the master track as it gives the song a weird, sort of warble to it.

As for how I write songs so quickly, I guess I just try to write songs as an escape. I’m not really running from anything in my life; my life is happy, and full of great people, but sometimes it is great to sort of disappear, and hide away within your own thought space. I think I write as a way to share these thoughts, dreams, and feelings with people. Hopefully this feeling comes across when listening to my songs.”

Download Kigo @ Bandcamp / Connect @ Facebook.