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Jaguwar’s demo take of ‘Muffhead’ is a shoegaze monster! Can’t wait to hear what the final version will sound like. The Dresden-based trio came to my attention while visiting When The Sun Hits earlier in the week. If you’re not aware of this website / blog / radio show – get into it! On another note, earlier in the year its co-founder Danny Lackey sadly lost his battle with cancer. A fund for Danny’s family was setup (Bandcamp/Facebook), if you’re in a position to help out, please do. A host of amazing acts have jumped in to support – including Panda Riot, The High Violets, Drowner, SPC ECO, Ummagma and many more.

Jaguwar – ‘Muffhead (Demo)’

[mejsaudio src=]

Visit The Fund For Danny / Visit Jaguwar @ Facebook.

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