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Earlier in the month Brisbane’s Kigo posted ‘Guilt‘ online and we immediately lapped it up. At that stage the EP wasn’t available but now it is – download here. These bold and colourful shoegazing sounds were recorded over the past few weeks, by one man at home. With plans for an album and expanding into a live show, there’s plenty to look forward to. This is one of the more exciting new acts to grace my ears in recent times. To find out more, I put some questions to Kigo…

Kigo – ‘Now You Know’

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How did the EP come together?

I am really happy with how quickly it came together. I recorded the songs myself at home. I don’t own much, or if any recording gear, so I basically recorded it straight into my laptop. Three of the songs were recorded in the last week.

What’s your favourite piece of kit?

My favourite piece of gear I own would have to be my MicroVerb III. It has the reverse reverb effect on it (which I love), and along with my old Boss DS1 (replaced with a new pedal I got from a friend – Thanks Chris), is the only piece of gear that I use regularly.

What are your influences, what are you listening to?

I have a really limited set of bands I listen to, and it’s become a joke among my friends that the only bands I like are The Beach Boys, and MBV. I have always liked music where the main song writer/band has a story. I’m not sure why, but I think it makes the band more enjoyable in some way. I have been listening to the new albums by Converge, and Swans, along with old favourites like Pet Sounds, Ariel Pink, and Two Hunters by Wolves in the Throne Room. I also love Bored Nothing, j. francis, and Epithets; all Australian bands that I listen to often.

Any future plans for an album or live shows?

I’m talking to some friends about forming a band. This is the first time I have ever really played music on my own, so I’m not really sure how to go about anything yet, I am proud of my work, and I really want to get out and play live, so I’ll try my hardest to get a band together as soon as possible. I’ll be working hard to get the songs/the band/album ready over the next few months. Hope to have another EP out by mid year, and an album out by the end of this year, the start of the next. Can’t wait to get started.

Visit Kigo @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.


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