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The Ramones classic ‘I Remember You’ has been given a gazey makeover for Happy Families debut single ‘New Forgetting’ (out July 15 through Sonic Cathedral – vinyl). The duo (Lawrence Chandler and Lucia Rivero) will include their cover as a b-side, originally available on The Ramones 1977 album ‘Leave Home’. Lawrence’s droning guitar work (formerly of Bowery Electric) backs the Spaniard’s casual vocal delivery.

Happy Families – ‘I Remember You’ (Ramones Cover)

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Side note, the press release stated that this track “brings to mind that weird, time-stretched version of ‘Cretin Hop’ that did the rounds on YouTube recently which made it plainly obvious why Kevin Shields has always cited Johnny Ramone as a massive influence.” Listen to that mind bender below…


Visit Happy Families @ Sonic Cathedral.