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Nothing have expectations high this week as fans welcome the arrival of their debut record ‘Guilty Of Everything’ (via Relapse). Despite being a debut, the four piece have already enjoyed a fair share of praise over the past few months, Noisey recently labelled them ‘Philly’s best shoegaze band’. However many articles are quick to draw comparisons between the band’s loud guitar music and its 90s heyday, relevant or not. In this case, ‘Guilty Of Everything’ has just as much in common with punk and hardcore as it does shoegaze, possibly more. The defining characteristic being Dominic Palermo’s light and floaty vocals, restrained and reflective. Nothing do fall into a formula with broody verses followed by wall of sound choruses, as in the title track ‘Guilty Of Everything’ and ‘Endlessly‘. However the latter is still one of the stand out tracks, together with the singles ‘Bent Nail‘ and ‘Dig‘.

Nothing ‘Somersault’ [mejsaudio src=]

There’s no excess window dressing or bells n’ whistles to make the album sound slick, but the songwriting doesn’t call for it. In fact, the analogue gear used in the recording make the top heavy distorted moments sound fantastic. Ambient “deep breaths” are short lived and there’s plenty of pedal to the floor chaos like ‘Get Well’ and ‘B And E’. Though I do wonder what Nothing would sound like with more emphasis on the spaced-out, quiet moments, perhaps that’ll be album number two. Perhaps not. Either way, ‘Guilty Of Everything’ is a solid record, well worth a listen for ambient rock fans. Given how much they’ve grown since their 2012 EP ‘Downward Years To Come’, I’d say the best is actually yet to come and that’s an exciting prospect.

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Nothing - 'Guilty Of Everything'
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